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Gail Ayers with Howard Kline

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CREW Network Convention 2016 is an Opportunity for Men and Women in Commercial Real Estate

Wed. Oct 19, 2016 Gail Ayers, CREW Network CEO and I talk about this years upcoming convention. In this video, Gail describes, not only who will be speaking at the convention but, but what they will be speaking about as well as the underlying significance of their presentations. At the 2016 CREW Network Convention and Marketplace, you’ll expand your network, be inspired by some of the most insightful speakers today. To register for the iPad drawing and the conventionRead more

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Video Will the Presidential Election Affect Commercial Real Estate?

The commercial real estate "supercoach", Rod Santomassimo and I discuss in May 2016, how the presidential election may affect commercial real estate and those of us dependant upon it. Although Rod and I handle the discussion in a, somewhat, light hearted fashion, we do touch on issues that may have serious consequences for commercial real estate, including: * The fate of the 1031 tax exchange. Will investors continue to rely on these benefits? *What if tax rates increase, particularly for investment property? *Will the mortgage interest deduction continue without change? Is it untouchable? *Do we see either candidate benefiting the middle class? We have added an additional, fun, interactive aspect to this video by including a poll that you can participate in, directly in the video. Yes, that's correct, you read me right. As you watch the video, you will be able to click on the video and answer our poll questions, throughout the video. Read more

Video Will There only be Restaurants in Shopping Centers and Malls?

In this video, Garrick points out that over 50% of the growth in shopping centers has come from restaurants. He does question, however, whether or not the year-over-year growth of restaurant sales can continue to support all of these new restaurants. He also cautions and reminds everyone that when the economy dips, one of the first things that consumers stop doing is going out to dinner. Some good food for thought? Read more

Video Who’s Driving Consumer Spending in Retail?

In this video Anjee Solanki, National Director, Retail Services for Colliers International, asks the question, "Who's driving Consumer Spending in Retail?". From Anjee's perspective, she believes that it is the consumer habits that are driving their spending, while I, as a true lawyer should, suggest ..... Read more

Video Is There Finally a Loopnet Killer Out There?

Shortly after Google invested in, the company changed it's name to Ten-X, apparently with an eye towards broadening its appeal and services. Some of the company still focuses on the online auction business, but they have recently added additional services which, coupled with their underlying document and marketing expertise, are intended to induce the brokerage community to use their platform on a regular basis. If Ten-X successfully implements its plans, a huge part of US real estate transactions will occur on their platform, putting Ten-X in a position to not only challenge Loopnet and Costar, but perhaps, beat them at their own business, which is getting eyeballs to their site and gathering information. Read more

Video Student Housing Owners Get Surprised by Students Use of Internet

Here I am doing interviews at Realcomm and I run into Ian Marlow, CEO of Fitech. He's a really funny guy who tells me this story about how university student, living in off-campus student housing, decided to, in essence, hijack the housing projects internet. An interesting footnote to the story is that the owner of the student housing complex had to revise all of their leases to take into consideration the changing internet and IT infrastructure offered to students at Universities. Read more

Video New, Crowdsourced, Mobile First CRE Listing App Created by and For Brokers

In this video, I interview David Perlmutter, the founder of Quantum Listing, a new, crowdsourced, mobile first commercial real estate listing app. What I like about this new app is that, while it is targeted to the millennial generation, it was created by a "not so millennial" commercial real estate broker to solve his own real estate needs. You see, David is not just the founder of a CRE Tech company, but he is also a commercial real estate broker. During the interview, David points out some of the unique features of Quantum Listing, including the fact that you can upload data right to the app and it doesn't create extra work for the user since it uses the data and material that the user has already created. One of the best aspects of this app is that it is really easy to send your listings to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, straight from the app. Read more

Video Challenges and Solutions to Multi-Use Properties

Laurie Baker, CREW Network 2016 president and Senior Vice President of Camden Property Trust, predominantly a multi-family apartment owner and operator, discusses some of the unique challenges of owning and operating multi-use properties. You can't just own and operate a mixed-use project like you would, just retail, office or apartments. It often involves, at times, conflicting interests of the various tenants. If there are residential units above restaurants, the residents are often concerned with smells and noise emanating from the restaurants and bars causing them to seek limitations on the hours and methods of operation of the retail establishments. It really takes a dedicated and creative approach to satisfy all those concerned. Read more

Video Is Wall Street Causing the Closure of Retail? Interview with Garrick Brown

In the first half of 2016, we've seen numerous retail closures, a trend that has come as a surprise to me as we continue to climb out of the great recession. There have been many, high profile retail closures, including those resulting from bankruptcies, such as Sports Authority and Sports Chalet as well as other retailers, including Macy's, Penny's, Sears, Aeropostale, Barnes and Noble and Office Depot/ Office Max, among others. Garrick explains that going into 2016, he knew that Macy's, with 30% of its sales coming from etail, was going to make some adjustments relating to their real estate locations. As a result of some high profile bankruptcies, in early 2016, wall street analysts opined that some of the large retailers weren't going through their real estate downsizing fast enough. As a result, "there was immense pressure on Wall Street to ramp up its closures regardless of the consequences". Read more

Video Event Women in Commercial Real Estate, Equality or Not?

What better time to consider whether society is treating women as equals than shortly after the first woman has been nominated for president by a major political party. No matter your political affiliation or leanings, it's exciting to see how far women have come in our society. But are they treated equally and given the same opportunities as their male counterparts? Every five (5) years, CREW Networks conducts a survey, in collaboration with MIT, measuring the progress of women in commercial real estate. This survey looks at the changes from the perspective of "specialization, compensation and career achievement" and tracks changes over the last 10 years. While the survey answers many questions and the information provided can help guide all those in commercial real estate, it raises many questions that we will endeavor to answer in this show. Read more