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Rita McGrath

What is Your Competitive Advantage and Why You Should Keep it Fresh with Rita McGrath (podcast)

Today’s special guest is Rita Mcgrath a featured speaker at the crew network annual convention in Bellevue, Washington. Ms. McGrath is an author, business strategist and professor at Columbia Business School. In this show, Rita and I discuss identifying your competitive advantages in business, why those advantages are not sustainable without reinvigorating and refreshing them. As it relates to a competitive advantage, such as Polaroid’s instant cameras, the responsibility of management is to constantly cultivate new, next generation and stronger competitive advantages, no matter how strong you current advantages seem. The bottom line is not to sit on your laurels.
Does this philosophy only apply to businesses?


Is Your Building Healthy and Why You’re Dying to Find Out

Do you know what makes a building healthy or sick? Do you know the costs associated with both? Do you even know what a healthy building is?

In this show, we talk with two of the most respected experts in the industry, SIMON TURNER, CEO and Managing Director of the Western Region of Healthy Buildings and CAROLYN RICKARD-BRIDEAU, partner and office president of “Little”, an expanded services and architectural firm, who will answer those questions and more. For those who think about how to make buildings perform better, it’s not just about electricity and water usage. It’s also about how we as humans interact with our environment and in particular those buildings that we spend much of our day in.

Gail Ayers

CREW Network Annual Convention Preview with Gail Ayers and Should Men Attend (Quick Answer: Absolutely Yes!)

In preparation of this year’s CREW Network Annual Convention in Bellvue, Washington from September 30th through October 2nd, I interview Gail Ayers, CEO of CREW Network (Commercial Real Estate Women). In case you haven’t noticed yet, I am a huge proponent of diversity in commercial real estate and a supporter of CREW Network.

In this radio show, Gail talks about:

Her many successes as CREW Network CEO over the past 11 years;
The many programs and advantages afforded to CREW members; and
What you can expect if you attend the convention;
Gail and I also discuss whether or not this is a women only thing or whether or not men should consider attending also.

As an attendee last year, I can tell you, from my own experience, guys should absolutely attend. The predominantly female attendees are warm, inviting and “inclusionary”. The mere fact that this seems to be a well kept secret among male commercial real estate professionals is reason alone to attend. The guys haven’t gotten it yet.

The Essential Elements for Rebuilding a Community After a Disaster ~ Resiliency and The Role of the Architect

Sherry is the Executive Director at American Institute of Architects Foundation. She spoke at Greenbuild on the topic of Resiliency in the 21st Century. I thought it was a great title, but I need help from Sherry to explain the term “resiliency” in the context of the Greenbuild conference and the theme of sustainability. This interview is Sherry’s explanation. The key point that Sherry got across to me was that the goal was not just to rebuild, but learn the lessons of the disaster and to rebuild so that the community, not only comes back, but thrives and continues to thrive in a way, likely not imagined before the disaster.


Trend to Urbanization According to Maria Sicola, Head of Research, Americas, Cushman & Wakefield

Maria Sicola and Cushman & Wakefield see a continuing economic recovery, particularly in the central business districts of the gateway cities, such as Boston, New York and San Francisco as well as energy markets, including Houston. As these markets continue their strong economic growth, the growth should start spreading to the secondary and tertiary cities. Urbanization appears to be a…

CREFC West Coast High Yield Real Estate Finance Summit

What Is CREFC and Why I Am Attending the West Coast High Yield Summit

Stephen Renna, The President & Chief Executive Officer of CREFC explains what CREFC is and its evolution. Here is a hint, “CRE Finance Council”. Don’t make me explain what “CRE” stands for. It’s an acronym, Look at the title of our radio show. Enough said. I was particularly impressed with our discussion on how the council transitioned from a CMBS focused organization to an organization touching on all aspects of real estate financing, particularly at a time when other organizations were retracting during the recession.


Are You Making the Best Use of Your Time & Skills? Hiring an Assistant or Outsourcing

Have you just been bursting to give advice to other brokers on how to do things right? Well, now is your chance. We are going to help Allen Buchanan best prepare for bringing his son-in-law into the real estate business.

Rather than our usual format, we are going to treat this radio show as a problem solving forum where the listeners become the heavy participants and become more the speakers than the listeners.

Among other things, we will discuss: How to best prepare for a new trainee? What can or should a trainee do both over the short term and long term? Best training practices? How soon should they join organizations such as Boma and CCIM? How much should they be paid and how effective is the bonus or commission system? How to best involve them in social media and when?


Commercial Real Estate Bankruptcy – What You Need To Know

No matter what your thoughts on the future economy, if you are a commercial real estate professional, you must know and understand how bankruptcy can effect commercial real property and the landlord/tenant relationship. What are the factors, law and strategies that you may want to consider before a tenant or landlord files for bankruptcy. If you are a tenant, how can you protect yourself if the landlord files for bankruptcy protection? What is a real estate specific bankruptcy and when should a tenant consider this option? These and other issues will be discussed during this radio show.

Michael Beckerman, CEO of The News Funnel

The Making of Commercial Real Estate News Online: Interview with Michael Beckerman, Founder of The News Funnel

The original idea for The News Funnel stemmed from Michael’s own experiences trying to stay current without being overwhelmed – he envisioned a more streamlined solution that would benefit both professionals and the PR agencies trying to reach this audience.

How can real estate professionals stay on top of their profession and promote themselves by using The News Funnel?
Finally, Michael will give us a sneak peak at what he sees for the future of the internet and how it will effect the business of commercial real estate.

Articles & Videos

Video: Crowdfunding: Are You an Owner or a donor?

Crowdfunding: Are You an Owner or a donor?

Georgia and I discuss the difference between two types of crowdfunding. One in which the public can contribute to the development of a product, company or service and in essence buys the product or service in advance and the other in which the public can buy an ownership interest in the company. Read more

Video: Will the Fed’s Failure to Raise Interest Rates Effect Commercial Real Estate: Part I

Will the Fed’s Failure to Raise Interest Rates Effect Commercial Real Estate: Part I

After a summer of decreased unemployment and high expectations that the Federal Reserve would begin to raise interest rates in September, the Feds balked at an increase, surprising most people. Was it the volatile stock market in August, a sputtering economy in Canada or the sputtering of the Chinese economy? Well known economist, columnist and radio show host, Dr. Sam Chandan, Dr. Sam Chandan, Professor in the Associated Faculty of Real Estate The Wharton School & Host of the Real Estate Hour SiriusXM Business Radio, explains, in detail, how the Fed's action, or inaction, as the case may be, effects commercial real estate. Read more

Video: The Greatest Impediment to Success for Women or for that matter, anyone

The Greatest Impediment to Success for Women or for that matter, anyone

Carla Harris, Vice-Chair for Morgan Stanley and a featured speaker at the CREW Network Annual Convention in Bellevue, Washington from September 3-th through October 3, answers the question, "What is the greatest impediment to success for Women?" In reality, her comments apply to anyone seeking greater success in their own endeavors. Carla is a strong believer that everyone should invest more time and effort in relationships. Carla distinguishes between, what she refers to as "performance currency" and "relationship currency", the later of which, she believes is Read more

Video: The Top 2 Reasons Why Men Should Attend the CREW Network Annual Convention (Video)

The Top 2 Reasons Why Men Should Attend the CREW Network Annual Convention (Video)

I am a long time supporter of diversity and increasing the participation of women in commercial real estate. Whenever a woman would tell me that she was considering becoming a real estate agent, I would immediately recommend that she become a commercial broker. Heck, in the early 80's, I knew only one female broker in New York City. What an incredible advantage, she had at the time, being the only female broker. Talk about standing out in the crowd. Of course, things have changed over the last 30 years. Now when I go to conferences like RECON, I see many women brokers walking the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center, making deals, just like their male counterparts. I'm not saying the gals have arrived, but they are making progress. What a turn of the cards. In 80's I go from knowing one female broker to the present, when I can be, perhaps, one of 20 men attending a conference with 1,000, powerful, creative, competent and intelligent women involved in commercial real estate. Now I am the one standing out in the crowd. Read more

Video: CREW Network 2015 Annual Convention Preview (video) with Gail Ayers

Gail Ayers

This is the best commercial real estate conference I have ever attended. In this video, Gail and I preview some of the key events and benefits at this years CREW Network Annual Convention in Bellevue, Washington. This is a shortened video version of my interview with Gail. For the full audio podcast, which you can listen to online or download, go to In this video, Gail previews Keynote speaker, former Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright and featured speakers, Morgan Stanley Vice Chairman, Carla Harris, Former NBC Chief Economist, Marci Rossell; and Business strategist, Rita McGrath Read more

Can Congress Be Convinced to allow States to Collect Tax on Internet Sales?

Image courtesy of cooldesign] at

In order to get this legislation passed, the members of Congress must be convinced that their electorate favors passage. The electorate are the people who vote our representatives in and out of office. A few letters from real estate brokers and the owners of shopping centers, isn't enough. Haven't we already learned that lesson? What is required is a concerted and combined effort by our trade organizations and their lobbyists to, not only to reach out to Congress, but reach out to the people who vote. Let our legislators know, from every corner of their life, that there are people who do favor this legislation. Read more

Video: Bold Choices Yield Big Returns ~ How to Create a Great Commercial Real Estate Convention with Karyl Argamasilla

Bold Choices Yield Big Returns ~ How to Create a Great Commercial Real Estate Convention with Karyl Argamasilla

Karyl Argamasilla, the 2014 CREW Network Miami president and a key architect of the 2014 National CREW Network Convention in 2014, discusses with me how the local chapter took upon itself, the monumental task of hosting CREW Networks National Convention. In this video, Karyl describes how the idea of hosting a national convention germinated from a mere thought to the accomplishment of a monumental task. The theme of the 2014 convention was "The Rewards of Risk, Bold Choices, Big Returns", and nothing could have added more meaning to the theme of the convention than the bold action of Karyl and the CREW Network Miami chapter. Read more

Video: How to Rapidly Accelerate Real Estate Growth, Online

How to Rapidly Accelerate Real Estate Growth, Online

Joy Shoffler, principal of Leverage PR based in Austin, Texas discusses with me the three things that a real estate developer or syndicator can do to rapidly accelerate its growth. Joy is a nationally recognized author and speaker in the field of innovative financial services marketing and communication. According to Joy, those three things are........... Read more

Video: The Essential Elements of Successful “People” ~ Knowledge, Confidence & Action ~ Part V

The Essential Elements of Successful “People” ~ Knowledge, Confidence & Action ~ Part V

While creating each video in this series about the essential characteristics of successful brokers, I was aware that the lessons discussed with Geoff had value well beyond real estate professionals. These are lessons that apply to everyone. Lessons that many of us learn as we live our lives, as part of life. For someone like me, these are lessons that have surprised me as I have learned them. In this final video of the series, Geoff and I discuss: The Thirst for Knowledge; Confidence; and Action Finally, this series is not intended to be the end of the conversation and neither Geoff or I think that we have touched on all of the characteristics that are essential to success. Join in on the conversation in the comments below and give us your thoughts and stories about your successes and lessons learned. Read more

Video: Do You Need Training or Coaching and What’s the Difference?


Rod Santomassimo, president of The Massimo Group and nationally known real estate coach explains the difference between training and coaching and gives an example of one of his greatest successes as a coach. I published this video in the midst of the 2015 NCAA March Madness. As I listened to him, while editing the video, I couldn’t help but think of “one-and-done” versus “four-year-degree” as an apt analogy. Read more

Video: Real Estate Data and the Quest to Make it Meaningful ~ An interview with Sabeer Bhatia, co-founder of Hotmail

Real Estate Data and the Quest to Make it Meaningful ~ An interview with Sabeer Bhatia, co-founder of Hotmail

Data, Data, Data. Data is not a new word, but now, it seems to be everywhere. It’s there when I wake up in the morning staring at me as I hit the snooze button on my iPhone. I know the weather in Somalia and the value of the Yen, before I brush my teeth. I’m being crushed by the sheer weight of data. Please, please, please, just give me what I want, when I want it and in a way that makes my life simpler, not more complicated. Sabeer Bhatia, the co-founder of Hotmail, one of the first, truly useful email applications developed in the 90’s, is now focused on making software applications that work, that make your life better and most importantly, more meaningful. Read more

Video: Social Media is about Relationships ~ Interview with Barbi Reuter

Social Media is about Relationships ~ Interview with Barbi Reuter

After a few years interacting with Barbi over social media, we really got to know and like each other. Barbi is now considered one of the preeminent CRE thought leaders using social media. For Barbi and I, perhaps the most significant function of the effective use of social media is the development of relationships. As you can tell from this video, we act like we have known each other for years although we had never met in person. In fact, have known each other for years, online. Read more

Video: Why Some Brokers Fail

Why Some Brokers Fail

Why is it that some people just don't make it as a real estate broker? Is it in their blood and what is it that they do to make things go wrong? In this video, Michael Sheinkop and I talk about the impediments to being a successful broker. This is the second video from my interview with Michael Sheinkop at the Newark Grubb Knight Frank National Industrial Conference in Chicago last September. PLEASE READ THE ACCOMPANYING WRITTEN TEXT WHICH CONTAINS INFORMATION & DISCUSSION NOT CONTAINED IN THE VIDEO Read more