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Podcast Article The Federal Reserve Raises Interest Rates Again

The December 13, 2017, Federal Reserve Meeting was Janet Yellin's swan song. Before the meeting I spent some time brushing up on my Federal Reserve knowledge and listened to her comments shortly after the meeting. Fortunately, I also had the pleasure of interviewing David Pascale, Senior Vice President of George Smith Partners, who took the time to explain to me, some of the background to the meeting as well as well as his thoughts, on a going forward basis. Read more

Video Why Real Estate Firms Need to Adopt Technology

Neel Naicker, CEO of AMP Technologies discusses with Jeff Rinkov, Lee & Associates 5-year plan and how they intend to implement technology into their plan. They also discuss Lee & Associates competitive advantage, how it distinguishes itself from other real estate brokerage firms. While nationwide and with offices outside of the United States, Jeff describes Lee as a "smaller" more "regional" firms. "There is a burgeoning, new landscape of technology that" Lee is excited about. ~ Jeff Rinkov Where Lee & Associates believe they can compete with, the larger real estate brokerage firms is by is on their service platform. They take advantage of a national presence while maintaining the flexibility of a moderate sized regional firm. Read more

Video Should Internet Sales be Included as Percentage Rent?

With growing internet sales and retailers discovering creative ways to blend their internet with brick and mortar store sales, we have had to revisit percentage rent language and consider whether or not and to what extent it should include internet sales. M. Rosie Rees and Ruth Schoenmeyer, both attorneys with the law firm of Pircher, Nichols & Meeks join me for a "Point/Counterpoint" setting forth some of the arguments and logic, both for and against including internet sales in a percentage rent provision. This is a good discussion. Whether you are a tenant or landlord or to what extent you agree or disagree with either viewpoint, you should conclude that additional focus and attention should be paid to this ever important provision. Read more

Podcast You’ll Never Guess the Most Promising Country for Real Estate Investing (Podcast)

With the population of India is almost 4 times that of the United States. According to Anuj Puri, country head of JLL India, the focus of the new government has been on lifting the fortunes of all people in the country and making education more accessible. Reforms are being put in place and the country is encouraging foreign investment in real estate and manufacturing. There is also a growing educated populace which uses English as a primary business language. As Anuj says, in 3-4 years, it will be difficult to find the deals as compared to the present. Read more

Video Do Women Need a Sense of Humor in a Male Dominated Company?

Sallie surprised me when she started discussing the need for a sense of humor in management, especially for women who may have to deal with micro biases and somewhat insensitive comments in a male dominated workplace. She suggested that, like dealing with your own children, you've got to pick your battles. Actually, that was how I described it. I question however, "when do you know when to comment and when to just shine it on?". Read more

Video Will Building Sensors Customize Your Building for You?

Neel Naicker, CEO of AMP Technologies points out how building sensors are changing how our buildings are changing to fit our needs on both a micro and macro basis. The sensors are getting more and more sophisticated, gathering all sorts of data and information. The sensors alone are not what is important. It is their connectivity to building and data systems that is what makes the building smart and performs a valuable service for us. Soon, when you walk into a building............... Read more

Video Volunteer and Lead to Get the Most out of Your Professional Organizations

I take pride in recognizing something special when I see it. In this video I am behind the camera as I interview Kristen Blount and Jane Snoddy Smith. special bond and friendship between the two of them, I ditched my previously planned questions, put the two of them in front of the camera and let them, just talk and it was a doozy of a talk. I couldn't have planned this video better. When everything was all done, it was obvious that they epitomized the essence of what it meant to volunteer your time for a cause and organization that you believe in. Read more

Video Will the Presidential Election Affect Commercial Real Estate?

The commercial real estate "supercoach", Rod Santomassimo and I discuss in May 2016, how the presidential election may affect commercial real estate and those of us dependant upon it. Although Rod and I handle the discussion in a, somewhat, light hearted fashion, we do touch on issues that may have serious consequences for commercial real estate, including: * The fate of the 1031 tax exchange. Will investors continue to rely on these benefits? *What if tax rates increase, particularly for investment property? *Will the mortgage interest deduction continue without change? Is it untouchable? *Do we see either candidate benefiting the middle class? We have added an additional, fun, interactive aspect to this video by including a poll that you can participate in, directly in the video. Yes, that's correct, you read me right. As you watch the video, you will be able to click on the video and answer our poll questions, throughout the video. Read more

Video Will There only be Restaurants in Shopping Centers and Malls?

In this video, Garrick points out that over 50% of the growth in shopping centers has come from restaurants. He does question, however, whether or not the year-over-year growth of restaurant sales can continue to support all of these new restaurants. He also cautions and reminds everyone that when the economy dips, one of the first things that consumers stop doing is going out to dinner. Some good food for thought? Read more

Video Who’s Driving Consumer Spending in Retail?

In this video Anjee Solanki, National Director, Retail Services for Colliers International, asks the question, "Who's driving Consumer Spending in Retail?". From Anjee's perspective, she believes that it is the consumer habits that are driving their spending, while I, as a true lawyer should, suggest ..... Read more

Video Is There Finally a Loopnet Killer Out There?

Shortly after Google invested in Auction.com, the company changed it's name to Ten-X, apparently with an eye towards broadening its appeal and services. Some of the company still focuses on the online auction business, but they have recently added additional services which, coupled with their underlying document and marketing expertise, are intended to induce the brokerage community to use their platform on a regular basis. If Ten-X successfully implements its plans, a huge part of US real estate transactions will occur on their platform, putting Ten-X in a position to not only challenge Loopnet and Costar, but perhaps, beat them at their own business, which is getting eyeballs to their site and gathering information. Read more