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Commercial Real Estate Bankruptcy – What You Need To Know

No matter what your thoughts on the future economy, if you are a commercial real estate professional, you must know and understand how bankruptcy can effect commercial real property and the landlord/tenant relationship. What are the factors, law and strategies that you may want to consider before a tenant or landlord files for bankruptcy. If you are a tenant, how can you protect yourself if the landlord files for bankruptcy protection? What is a real estate specific bankruptcy and when should a tenant consider this option? These and other issues will be discussed during this radio show.

Michael Beckerman, CEO of The News Funnel

The Making of Commercial Real Estate News Online: Interview with Michael Beckerman, Founder of The News Funnel

The original idea for The News Funnel stemmed from Michael’s own experiences trying to stay current without being overwhelmed – he envisioned a more streamlined solution that would benefit both professionals and the PR agencies trying to reach this audience.

How can real estate professionals stay on top of their profession and promote themselves by using The News Funnel?
Finally, Michael will give us a sneak peak at what he sees for the future of the internet and how it will effect the business of commercial real estate.


Investing in Distressed Real Property in Bankruptcy

To most people, bankruptcy is perceived as the end of the line. The dream of riches and opportunity are over and it’s all about cleaning up the mess. However, Bankruptcy Armageddon can be avoided and many investors and property owners and lenders, in the know, take advantage of the opportunities that arise in bankruptcy, particularly those involving distressed real property.

IMN, Montage, Laguna Beach

Real Estate Opportunity & Private Fund Investing: IMN Conference Preview

Today we get to speak to three distinguished speakers who will be participating in panel discussions at the IMN Winter Forum on Real Estate Opportunities and Private Fund Investing to be held from January 22nd – 24th at the Montage Resort & Spa in Laguna Beach, CA, my old stomping grounds. Today’s show is intended to be only a taste of what is to come during the three day conference in sunny Southern California.

Photo by Mirza Sadovic on Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Finding the Right Commercial Real Estate Appraiser

The appraisal of commercial property is, without a doubt, one of the most important aspects of commercial real property practice. The appraisal touches every part of the business and every person involved in the process, including buyers, sellers, lenders, borrowers and their brokers. Choosing the right appraiser and understanding what goes into a thorough appraisal can make or break a deal.

David Henry, CEO of Kimco

Icons of Real Estate: David Henry (CEO, Kimco)

David Henry is the CEO of Kimco, one of the largest REITS in the country. While part of the S&P 500, it is run with a definite personal touch that is so much David. Personable, agreeable and competent, David embodies the best of a CEO in commercial real estate.

Learn what has influenced him as a CRE professional, from school through GE real estate and now at Kimco. What are the drivers that have made him so successful? What were his inspirations and how can his story inspire you to excel in your chosen profession?

Photo illustration by Don Hankins on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)
Skyline photo by Jason Murphy on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Real Estate Crowdfunding and Other New Financing Opportunities

By now, everyone has heard about the new Jobs Act, and how it allows for “crowdfunding” in real estate. But is the Jobs Act really about crowdfunding? Is that the correct term to use when talking about allowing use of the internet to raise funds for real estate projects and companies? What really is crowdfunding? Do syndicators and others have greater access to capital than previously? Who really benefits from the new law? What are the real pros and cons? These and other questions will be answered by nationally recognized syndication expert, Gene Trowbridge.

Original photo by 'vxla' on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Tenant/Business Relocation and Alternative Strategies

You’re looking for new space for yourself or a tenant. Is this the time to consider relocating the business, sometime during the new lease term? You bet, or so says Allen Buchanan. It’s part of your initial lease strategy to anticipate changes, including business growth or contraction. Are there lease provisions that can help ease the pain should the need arise? What happens when a tenant needs to move before the lease ends? What does the tenant do if it can’t? Featured guests: Allen Buchanan (Lee & Associates) and Simon Walker (Raymond Handling).

Articles & Videos

Video: New Case Increases Lender Liability for Representations Made by Prior Lender

New Case Increases Lender Liability for Representations Made by Prior Lender

Over the last few years, there has been a thriving market selling and buying existing loans secured by commercial real property. Many purchasers due diligence focuses on performance issues and little attention has been paid to the representations made by representatives of former owners of the loan. According to Ben King, a partner in the law firm of Loeb & Loeb, that may now all change, at least in California. If you are considering buying an existing loan, failure to review, non-core documents, such as emails, could lead to significant liability. Read more

Video: CREFC West Coast High Yield Real Estate Finance Summit to be Attended by CRE Radio & Allen Matkins

CREFC West Coast High Yield Real Estate Finance Summit to be Attended CRE Radio & Allen Matkins

We are excited to announce that I will be attending the CRE Finance Council "West Coast High Yeld Real Estate Finance Summit at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica on May 13th & 14th. I will be conducting interviews with the real, "Movers & Shakers" in the industry. I whole heartedly recommend that you attend the summit, where you can gain and share valuable insight into the world of "High Yield Real Estate." Read more

Video: Why “Liking” on Social Media is SOOOO Important ~ Part 1

Why “Liking” on Social Media is so Important ~ Part 1

When I like someone that I have met on social media, I want to help them. Because I like them, they often get the benefit of being exposed to my growing list of people who follow me. Conversely, what I discovered was that they seemed to repost my articles, videos, radio shows etc., partly because they liked me, (I may be giving myself a little too much credit). On Twitter, instead of my posts going out to 4400 followers, yesterday, CRE Radio and my posts reached 68,000 people on Twitter. Read more

Video: Designing Shopping Centers Requires Some Pretty Sophisticated Pre-Planning & Thought

Designing Shopping Centers Requires Some Pretty Sophisticated Pre-Planning & Thought

Greg explains how the retailer controls the environment within the 4 walls of it's store, while the developer and owner of the center, is responsible for the environment outside all of the stores. Is retail a subset of the entertainment industry and requires a retail design architect to understand the demographics of the retailers that the developer is trying to target as well as the demographics of the consumers that the retailers are trying to target. Read more

Video: Downtown Los Angeles is Adding More Mixed Use and is Going Through a New Revitalization

Downtown Los Angeles is Adding More Mixed Use and is Going Through a New Revitalization

Justin Weiss discusses the recent history of Los Angeles Downtown Revitalization. He has been involved in the process for over 13 years. It's not likely that anyone knows the process better than him. Among other things, he discusses how mixed use is becoming more popular, now bringing in more high end retail and chic supermarkets and why. Is downtown LA now becoming more like NY and San Francisco and is it becoming the chic center of Gen Y? Read more

Video: Colliers’ Chris Maling Talks Cap Rates

Chris Maling Talks Cap Rates

I interviewed Colliers' Chris Maling at the ICSC 2013 Western Division Conference in San Diego. He describes how cap rates are being compressed allowing California investors, with the aid of technology and good management, invest out of state. Is the compression about supply and demand or general economic conditions? Is real estate value being driven by a shortage in supply? Where are cap rates going? Read more

Video: Randy Banchik on Ancillary Income Opportunities in Retail Real Estate

Randy Banchik on Ancillary Income Opportunities in Retail Real Estate

Randy discusses being open to opportunities as they arise. If you own and operate enough shopping centers over a long enough period of time, you begin to recognize the opportunities that you didn't know existed when you purchased the property. In this video, Randy and I discuss how Westwood Financial accommodated a cell phone carrier near my home by taking the least valuable part of the retail space, (back end), for their use while leasing the front end to a retail tenant, maximizing the income stream for the space. Smart! Read more