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CREFC West Coast High Yield Real Estate Finance Summit

What Is CREFC and Why I Am Attending the West Coast High Yield Summit

Stephen Renna, The President & Chief Executive Officer of CREFC explains what CREFC is and its evolution. Here is a hint, “CRE Finance Council”. Don’t make me explain what “CRE” stands for. It’s an acronym, Look at the title of our radio show. Enough said. I was particularly impressed with our discussion on how the council transitioned from a CMBS focused organization to an organization touching on all aspects of real estate financing, particularly at a time when other organizations were retracting during the recession.


Are You Making the Best Use of Your Time & Skills? Hiring an Assistant or Outsourcing

Have you just been bursting to give advice to other brokers on how to do things right? Well, now is your chance. We are going to help Allen Buchanan best prepare for bringing his son-in-law into the real estate business.

Rather than our usual format, we are going to treat this radio show as a problem solving forum where the listeners become the heavy participants and become more the speakers than the listeners.

Among other things, we will discuss: How to best prepare for a new trainee? What can or should a trainee do both over the short term and long term? Best training practices? How soon should they join organizations such as Boma and CCIM? How much should they be paid and how effective is the bonus or commission system? How to best involve them in social media and when?


Commercial Real Estate Bankruptcy – What You Need To Know

No matter what your thoughts on the future economy, if you are a commercial real estate professional, you must know and understand how bankruptcy can effect commercial real property and the landlord/tenant relationship. What are the factors, law and strategies that you may want to consider before a tenant or landlord files for bankruptcy. If you are a tenant, how can you protect yourself if the landlord files for bankruptcy protection? What is a real estate specific bankruptcy and when should a tenant consider this option? These and other issues will be discussed during this radio show.

Michael Beckerman, CEO of The News Funnel

The Making of Commercial Real Estate News Online: Interview with Michael Beckerman, Founder of The News Funnel

The original idea for The News Funnel stemmed from Michael’s own experiences trying to stay current without being overwhelmed – he envisioned a more streamlined solution that would benefit both professionals and the PR agencies trying to reach this audience.

How can real estate professionals stay on top of their profession and promote themselves by using The News Funnel?
Finally, Michael will give us a sneak peak at what he sees for the future of the internet and how it will effect the business of commercial real estate.


Investing in Distressed Real Property in Bankruptcy

To most people, bankruptcy is perceived as the end of the line. The dream of riches and opportunity are over and it’s all about cleaning up the mess. However, Bankruptcy Armageddon can be avoided and many investors and property owners and lenders, in the know, take advantage of the opportunities that arise in bankruptcy, particularly those involving distressed real property.

IMN, Montage, Laguna Beach

Real Estate Opportunity & Private Fund Investing: IMN Conference Preview

Today we get to speak to three distinguished speakers who will be participating in panel discussions at the IMN Winter Forum on Real Estate Opportunities and Private Fund Investing to be held from January 22nd – 24th at the Montage Resort & Spa in Laguna Beach, CA, my old stomping grounds. Today’s show is intended to be only a taste of what is to come during the three day conference in sunny Southern California.

Photo by Mirza Sadovic on Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Finding the Right Commercial Real Estate Appraiser

The appraisal of commercial property is, without a doubt, one of the most important aspects of commercial real property practice. The appraisal touches every part of the business and every person involved in the process, including buyers, sellers, lenders, borrowers and their brokers. Choosing the right appraiser and understanding what goes into a thorough appraisal can make or break a deal.

Articles & Videos

Video: What Lawyers Like or Don’t Like about other Lawyers

What Lawyers Like in Opposing Lawyers

The law firm of Allen Matkins sponsored CRE Radio at the event, as you might tell form the background. I hadn't scheduled Roger for an interview but he seemed like and interesting chap so I asked him to sit down and talk with me. Being a former practicing lawyer and with the Allen Matkins logo looming over our shoulders, it was natural for us to mention our dealings with Allen Matkins. Read more

Video: Necessity is the Mother of CRE Software

Necessity is the Mother of CRE Software

We all heard the quote, "Necessity is the mother or invention." According to Patrick Braswell, CEO of Ten Eight, while trying to break his limit of 30 real estate deals a year, he realized that there was no system in place in which he could make his deal making process more efficient. Therefore, he made it himself. Read more

Video: Brokers Need to Learn to Use Video….and There is an App for That

Brokers Need to Learn to Use Video….and There is an App for That

Kyle Shannon, founder of Storyvine created the company because he thought that creating a video was to difficult for the average amateur to make. He saw a need and he solved the need. Storyvine creates video templates for use by any amateur, including real estate brokers that adds a professional flare to your videos. All you have to do is shoot the video and upload it to the internet. In 5 minutes the software stitches a professional looking video together. This is no ordinary video. You don't need to understand lighting or even the rule of thirds. It does it all for you. Read more

Video: CRE Efficiency with Better Technology Integration

CRE Efficiency with Better Technology Integration

Jeff, a former principal of NAI Global recognized, by the time that he left NAI, considerable inefficiencies in commercial real estate, particularly from a technology standpoint. He felt that there was poor adoption, lack of integration and no comprehensive set of solutions. With his partners at Pavonis, he sees an opportunity for change. Read more

Video: Will 3D Visualization Become Mainstream in CRE?

Will 3D Visualization Become Mainstream in CRE?

Louise opines that 3D visualization is becoming mainstream for the leasing people and developers but not operations, construction and asset management. Louise also discusses the barriers and requirements for 3D visualization and how property owners can use 3D visualization to see "big data" in a visual way speeding up decision and response time as well as being alerted to problems before they become serious. Read more

Video: The Top Issues with Real Estate Crowdfunding

The Top Issues with Real Estate Crowdfunding

According to David Manshoory, CEO of AssetAvenue, explains that the term, "crowdfunding" is generally being used "to lump together, a bunch of things together that are not acutally, crowdfunding," at least according to federal law and the Securities and Exchange Commission. As currently defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission, "crowdfunding" actually refers to raising capital from un-accredited investors. Read more

Video: The Most Current Retail Market Trends with Mathew Winn

The Most Current Retail Market Trends with Mathew Winn

Matt Winn spends some time with me at ICSC Recon 2014 and gives me the "low down" on the retail market trends using an analogy of a barbell; that is the Barbell of Prosperity. Now that the economy is starting to see some traction, we are starting to see some growth rate in retail property and rents. Read more

Video: The Top Reason to work in commercial real estate according to Jeffrey Edison, CEO, Phillips Edison-ARC

The Top Reason to work in commercial real estate according to Jeffrey Edison, CEO, Phillips Edison-ARC

Jeff Edison, CEO of Phillips Edison-ARC says that he has never worked a day in his life and I believe him. Now this is a man who has been very lucky, or so he says. It's interesting that highly successful people credit their success to luck and feel that they are very fortunate to have the success that they have had. In my experience, while luck has a lot to do with it, there is much more to success than blind luck. Intelligence, knowledge and hard work, among others, gets you half the way their so that you can catch the luck as it flies by, like a butterfly in a net. Read more

Video: Crowdfunding for Real Estate: Is it legal?

Crowdfunding for Real Estate: Is it legal?

Jilliene Helman, CEO and Founder of Realty Mogul, a pioneer in real estate crowdfunding sat down with me at the CREFC, West Coast High Yield Real Estate Finance Summit in Santa Monica. Jilliene comments that there is still plenty of confusion over crowdfunding, what is it, how does it work and is it legal. Read more