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Here is an Absurd Dramatization of a Lawyer Getting Angry Over the Definition of a “Photocopier”

This video was just too realistic to pass up. I swear that after hundreds, if not thousands of depositions that I have taken over the last 38 years, I have been in, at least a dozen or so depositions, just like this one. Pay special attention to the ending.

I remember a time of the first copiers, which were made by Xerox, when we called all copiers Xerox. They were those orange and tan machines where the whole top section would take about 2 seconds, moving side-to-side, to make one copy. And those were considered fast at the time as compared to the “get yourself high from sniffing” mimeographs, (yes, I remember them too from Jamaica Avenue Elementary School in the mid 50’s). I also remember a time when Xerox made great effort to make sure that people stopped referring to copies as Xerox copies, unless they were made using a Xerox copier.

This is a must watch video.

Special thanks to Brenton Hayden on Twitter (@brentonhayden) for bringing this to my attention and The New York Times.  To watch the video, click here.

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