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Are Pop Up Stores a new Trend Outside the United States?

In a recent discussion in the International Council of Shopping Centers group in LinkedIn, Rose Nuqui commented that:

Pop up spaces is a trend that isn’t really new. Most malls in the Philippines now include them as early as the planning stage. Certain areas in the mall are earmarked for Pop up stores to create revenue streams. Though the tenants are temporary ones (tenancy may be from 3 to 6 months to a year), these spaces become incubation for small entrepreneurs who wanted to get their feet wet by trying out a small space that do not require big investments. On the part of the mall, these areas are a source of creative offerings to its customers, specially on retail occasions like Valentines, Easter, Mothers Day, Halloween, Christmas. And a potential source for new ideas.

There are also certain areas which are created as a space for temporary retail, until a more permanent retailer/store comes in. In the mall that i work for , we created a chunk of space for small furniture retailers. And an area which was supposed to be just a filler became a permanent space for a collective group of Pearl and Precious Stones and Fashion Accessories. Both spaces became a destination for bargain hunters of furniture and the pearl village has become a great attraction for locals and tourists as well.

I think that Rose is correct.  It seems that Pop Up Stores are a much more “mature” concept in countries other than the United States.  London has embraced the concept and is expanding the definition.  But than again so is New York.

Seasonal pop ups have been around as long as beach goers went to the beach during the summer and stayed away in the winter.  Think about how well you could sell ice cream in Atlantic City in the 1920’s in the winter.  She’s right, these are not really original concepts, but maybe what we are seeing now is a more creative way of thinking about these temporary stores in a more permanent fashion.

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