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The Bad and Good of Lack of Focus and Meteors in the Sky

Mike, my producer describes it as the Next Bright Meteor Streaking Across the Night Sky Syndrome or “NBMSANSS”, (thank goodness there are two “N”‘s in there).  I’m looking up at the night stars and all of a sudden, a streak of light catches my attention. Off I go, watching the new streak.  I repeat this habit often. He is truly grateful that I am not looking up at a meteor shower for fear that I might spin my head off watching one streak after another.  I think that his description of me looking at the night sky is an apt description of my attention span, much of the time.  But what he doesn’t mention, with each meteor that I see, I discover something new of the universe and figure out a way to productively apply that knowledge to my life and that of others.

Here I am on Saturday. I started out the morning at 9:30 am, with the primary goal of getting my legal bills out the door, but first, I must go through my email inbox and clear that out. That was a mistake. It’s now 11:30, am and I am writing this article.  I haven’t yet even started the bills.

As I go through my inbox, I open an email from Ms. Ileane promoting her new blog post, The Positives and Perils of Monitoring Your Brand on the Internet. Ms. Illeane’s blog site first appeared in my night sky a few weeks back. Her site is all about how to blog and social media.  She provides an incredible amount of valuable information and insight to the world of blogging and social media.  If you blog or intend to, she is a must-have resource.

Strangely enough, even Ms. Ileane falls prey to my multi-meteor attention span.  I didn’t even get through her entire message on the Positives and Perils of Monitoring Your Brand, when I was distracted by what I saw and heard on her site. I was listening to her podcast when I noticed a bright red icon at the right of her site that said “Send Voicemail” at about the time that I heard her reference a service called “Speakpipe.”  I stopped her podcast and started investigating Speakpipe.

Let me step back  to about 2 years ago. At that time I was pontificating to everyone at the radio show about how it made sense to have people comment to our shows by means of audio messages rather than requiring interaction in writing only. We really want people to contribute and interact directly on our site.  If our main focus was communicating in audio format, shouldn’t we allow our listeners to interact in the same way? We have to make it as easy as possible. It sure made sense to me, Mike and Justin.  The problem was that we didn’t know how to do it.  The problem is now solved, Enter Speakpipe.

All of which now leads me to the subject matter of this article and the burning question in my mind. Is it good or bad that I get distracted? If I hadn’t been distracted I wouldn’t have discovered the answer to a two year old problem. Please give me your thoughts by “writing” your comment below. (Isn’t it poetic that I am asking you to “write” your comment? Of course, as of this writing, we haven’t implemented Speakpipe, but hopefully we will have it implemented by the time that you read this article). Justin, you hear me?

P.S.  It’s about 12 noon and I still have not done my bills because I now have to go to my son’s soccer game.  No wonder I work 7 days a week.

Something to Add?

  • abuchanan

    Temporary distraction is good. Permanent distraction can be controlled with meds…

  • Love this!! Thanks so much for the shout out and it’s my pleasure to introduce you to SpeakPipe. Btw – in the latest podcast I talk more about SpeakPipe and more importantly I created a little guide that shows how to leave a SpeakPipe message using Android. Feel free to share it with your audience.
    One more thing – I found this post from a new site I’m using called “More Shiny Objects Than You Can Count – MSOTYCC”
    Just kidding, the site is really called Monitor Backlinks. hehe

    Thanks again Howard, have a wonderful day!!

  • hfklaw

    To Allen, my new friend who makes me laugh out loud and to my newer friend and social media mentor, Ileane, welcome to my site.