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How Bo Barron Saved My Bacon and Other Social Media Puns


Photo by ryan.dowd (CC BY-SA 2.0)

This is a bit of an inside joke, but it really did happen!

There we were, having a great radio show on Social Media Best Practices for CRE Professionals social media icons Sarah Malcolm, Bo Barron, Barbi Reuter and Michael Legazo. Prior to the show, I did my typical pre-show interview with each of my guests and dutifully prepared and distributed my show outline.

As mentioned the show was going very well, but we were beginning to run a little long. I was getting anxious to wrap up the show. With about 10 minutes to go, I asked each of my guests, “What would be the single, most important idea listeners should take away from the show?” That’s when I realized we forgot to discuss the most important goal of social media: how it can make you money.

As each of my guests gave great answers, my mind was racing. Scratching my hairless head and pulling on my bow tie, I broke into a sweat and my hands began trembling (OK, maybe not really, but go with me on the suspense angle here!). How was I going to get to the point—seamlessly?

Charging through the haze in a cloud of dust came Bo on a white horse. Without prompting from me, he got right to the point, telling how Jeffrey Gitomer’s blogging got him a meeting with Roger Staubach. Whew, saved by the Bo! Click here to read Bo’s story on his blog or click here to hear him tell it on our show—it’s worth your time.

As for the bacon part, well, that’s another story.  Why don’t you contact Sarah (@MrsSarahMalcolm ), Michael (@Michael_MBA), Barbi (@BarbiReuter) or Bo (@BoBarronCCIM) on Twitter and ask them? Use #socialbacon.

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  • abuchanan

    That social media show was GREAT!