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It’s not just me, so I am not going to ask the question. But it just seems that even the simplest things are complicated now and I am sure that it is due to information overload.  I thought computers and more information was going to make things simpler.  Much to my chagrin and consternation, it seems to me that notwithstanding great search engines like Google, our ability to organize and access the huge amount of data made available to us is far outstripped by the sheer volume of data available.

Last week, my older son’s former soccer coach invited him to participate in a weekend long soccer tournament in Temecula, California in mid May.  I responded to the coach indicating that David would love to participate so long as the tournament doesn’t conflict with his volleyball and theater schedule.  Now I have to go and find his volleyball schedule and theater show schedule, which will likely be a bit of work for me since I didn’t bother to put them into my calendar in the first place.  Even if I teach my son to start keeping track of his own schedule, I still need to keep track of it myself since my wife and/or I will be responsible to get him everywhere or back.

Writing of how more complicated things are today then yesteryear, I can remember when I first got out of law school and we were told to organize our case files in “one,” legal size manilla folder, putting pleadings on the right and everything else on the left and most cases fit in one folder.  Ten years ago it was common to have multiple folders for each type of document for each case, i.e., Pleadings I,II,III or Correspondence I,II,III, and so on. Now it’s multiple disks containing thousands of documents.  Just last week, I spent over $2,000 making copies of 12,000 documents, in what I would describe as a small to average size case.  And who do you think will have to review these documents?  Your reading him.

Bottom line is Google or someone else has got to come up with a way for us to easily, intuitively and nearly effortless organize our data so it can be found and utilized before we get buried in it.

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