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An Example of Great Content Marketing ~ Storytelling

As I usually do, I got up about 5:00 am this morning, grabbed a cup of coffee (24 oz of mixed half/calf, super bold only) and sat down in front of the computer to go through my emails that I received overnight. I triage the emails into those that I open immediately, those that I may want to see later and those that I delete on the spot. Most are deleted on the spot. There is a small percentage of the emails that catch my attention and motivate me to open right away.  Then again, there is even a smaller percentage that motivate me to click through to the material they want me to see.

Linkedin Email_Page_1But this email from LinkedIn, really caught my attention.  I don’t know why, but it did. (Go ahead, click the image).

As I browsed through the images for the videos in the email, I began to open and ultimately watch each and every video presented in the email.

Wow, what a great job at storytelling.  These weren’t just videos of someone talking.  No, these are videos that told a story with graphics and examples and video cuts of taking great advantage of this visual medium.  Masterful video creation and editing from people who know what they wanted to accomplish and know how to do it.  These videos are from people who are true professionals with creative minds.  Imagine, in a world of social media filled with junk, people who actually know what they are doing. I am truly humbled.

So, you may ask.  Am I now going to do videos a la these wonderful LinkedIn examples? No, at least not in the foreseeable future.  I wish I had the vision, talent and skill that it took to do these videos, not to mention the payroll.

Celebrate Success   LinkedIn

What I am going to do is study and review these videos and the marketing that LinkedIn is doing so that I can do a better job with the interviews that I do and how I market them.

You see, I am not intimidated when I see someone do a better job than me. It motivates me, not to copy what they do, but to take what they do and make it my own. Take bits and pieces and shape it into something that will motivate someone else to help themselves.

That’s it, I learn so that I can pay it forward.

Nice job LinkedIn.

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