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How about a Moratorium on Sales Tax to Help Brick & Mortar Sales?

I recently wrote a post asking the question if internet sales should be taxed and whether such a tax would help brick & mortar.  My conclusion was that there should be a tax on internet sales because it would be an overall benefit to the economy notwithstanding some immediate and direct disadvantage to myself.

As I stated in that post, a tax on internet sales should have some effect promoting brick & mortar sales and thus increasing local employment.

The thought crossed my mind that if a state was of the mind to do something that might increase local employment, the combination of taxation of internet sales and a moratorium on sales tax, might do just the trick.  I don’t have any data that would indicate how much benefit we would see from such a moratorium nor do I know if the benefits of a moratorium would outweigh the loss of county and state revenues.  It is a thought though.

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