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Nordstroms to open store for charity

Robert Roth, a real estate attorney in New York, has sent me two articles from the New York Times about the fact that Nordstroms has not had a full service store in New York City for years.  The latest article, "Nordstrom in New York to Use an Alias", written by Stephanie Clifford headlines that not only are they opening a high end store in Manhattan soon, they are not going to use their branded Nordstroms name.  It's going to be called Treasure & Bond.

My first thought was why would they go out and do that?  Nordstroms is a great name and a very valuable brand.  Then as I read further into the article, I learned that the "profits have been committed to charity".  Now that is a big bold move.  

My second thought was why would they do that.  We are not talking here about a sale where part of the proceeds are going to charity.  We are talking about all of the profits from the whole store, or so it is described in Ms. Clifford's article. By the way . Sure, it builds good will, but this move seems so much more than just good will building.  It smells of genuine altruism.  Now this is a concept that I can get behind and I want to know more about it. If it is as good as it seems, I want to see what I can do to help.

I get so stoked working with good people who are willing to make bold moves.

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