Marketplace Fairness Act – Mass Groundroots Campaigning

Every brick & mortar landlord should be providing their tenants with posters to go in their windows supporting MFA. Every shopping bag should have a logo in support. How about grocery bags? Even congress people eat and shop? When their spouses shop, a bag should be sitting on their counter in support of the bill and all retail advertising should contain a recognizable logo in support, including Thursday grocery discounts and coupons. Read more

SIOR: An Oganization of Trust, Mutual Respect & Referrals

From the beginning of the conference, I recognized the global focus of SIOR. Wherever I walked “international” accosted my senses. This is not to say that global brokerage is all that SIOR is about. But it is something of which they are highly aware, and on the forefront of for real estate brokerages of the future. Read more

The Bad and Good of Lack of Focus and Meteors in the Sky

Let me step back to about 2 years ago. At that time I was pontificating to everyone at the radio show about how it made sense to have people comment to our shows by means of audio messages rather than requiring contributions in writing only. We really want people to contribute and interact directly on our site. If our main focus was communicating in audio format, shouldn't we allow our listeners to interact in the same way? It sure made sense to me, Mike and Justin. The problem was that we didn't know how to do it. The problem is now solved. Read more

What is an Icon of Real Estate? – A Story of David Henry

Our interview is not about numbers and awards. It is about events and circumstances in his life that have shaped the man that he is. It’s about stories. Stories about successes and failures that he has learned from and that he will share with others to inspire listeners to excel at what they do. This will be a show for people who think. Someone looking for a quick fix or a list of tricks to success will likely not be interested in this show. This show is for and about Thought Leaders. Read more

CRE Radio Travels to ICSC Western Division Conference

Once again the mighty "CRE Radio Traveling Roadshow" has a riveting lineup of interviews with a star studded group of top notch executives from the biggest name firms in commercial real estate. Meaningful perspectives on the recovery, the changing face of retail and more. More than just "the what," we bring you "the why and the how." See our schedule of video interviews! Read more

Tweeting for CRE: What is More Valuable, Amount of Followers or Their Engagement?

You often hear the word "engagement" when social media is discussed. Engagement is not just you talking or broadcasting your thoughts or message. Engagement is when your communication motivates your followers to actually do something, such as commenting on and retweeting your original message. You communicate in a way that develops emotional connections rather than just logical ones. They retweet because they want to, and know that you "feel" the same way about them. Read more

Should Attorneys Lead the Lease Negotiations?

When giving legal advice to our clients, the advice tends to be given from a conservative perspective. Our jobs tend to require us to give advice on all of the things that can go wrong. Our advice is also often based upon logic. Read more

Should Mall Security Guards be Armed?

Armed security in malls should be limited to situations and locations that clearly require armed protection. The decision to provide armed security should not be taken lightly and should be made in consultation with mall ownership, local law enforcement, tenants, tenant’s employees, and security and loss prevention personnel. Read more