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Retailers and Malls Play Social Media Pong

social-media-pong-mcdonaldsThe game of Pong is coming back, at least through McDonalds’ social media efforts. It appears that McDonalds is experimenting with a large, interactive billboard in a very public space where people can, without downloading an app, play pong in front of a crowd to win prizes, such as fries, burgers, shakes, etc. to drive traffic to their restaurant.

Imagine, standing in Times Square, New York, surrounded by thousands of people. You look up and see a huge billboard that looks like a TV screen with an active game of Pong. Using the geolocation capability of your smart phone, the billboard can identify that you are within visual distance of the billboard and allow you to play a game of Pong using your phone.  While you play on your smart phone, the game is displayed on the billboard for all to see. Of course, not only will the game direct you to the nearest McDonalds to claim your prize, but the billboard should garner so much attention as to drive non-gamers to the restaurant as well.

Now imagine the same billboard Pong game on the Strip in Las Vegas, at a football stadium, or in shopping malls. The possibilities are endless and only limited by the size of the audience as compared to the relative costs associated with the production of the game and billboard.

I do not recommend this for freeway billboard signs.

Finally, there is a host of other really good ideas in the video. I actually watched the whole video and recommend that you do to.

Via ICSC blog, video presentation by “Lisa” Wieting from Cohn Marketing.

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