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Should Attorneys Lead the Lease Negotiations?

As attorneys, we serve in advisory roles supplying negotiators with up-to-the-second advice, on the legal ramifications of options and decisions that arise in the course of negotiations. However many attorneys themselves are excellent negotiators. They can serve ably as negotiators, legal advisors or both. Non-lawyers often believe lawyers only have the capacity to spout law and cannot otherwise make good business decisions. Not so.

The legal counsel we offer our clients tends to come from a conservative perspective. We are required to give advise them on all the things that can go wrong. And, that advice is more often based upon logic than emotion.

Great business decisions made by great business people are often more emotional in nature because their view is caught up in the “heat of battle.” For an attorney to serve as a negotiator, making both business and legal decisions, he or she must be able to separate the two perspectives.

That being said, I have often advised my clients, if they made all their business decisions based solely upon my legal advice, they would never make enough money to pay me for my services.

This articles was inspired by a discussion on LinkedIn posted by Carina Kuhl, VP Member Events & Partnerships at IACCM and referencing an article posted on the IACCM website. To read the article directly, click here.

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  • SickOfTheTricks

    this is an article? there doesn’t seem to be too much inspiration; is it a sarcastic insult to the people you’re saying inspired you?