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Windows 8 Pop-Ups

As Microsoft readies for its public release of Windows 8, they are preparing for a “brick and mortar style onslaught, so to speak.  They are planning 34 temporary pop-up stores in malls and other retail centers.  According to Mary Jo Foley, writing for ZDNET, it appears that these pop-ups will be much less brick & mortar and a little more like mall kiosks. To read Mary Jo’s article and a view of the what these pop-ups will likley look like, go to her article by clicking on her name above.

My guess is that the pop-ups are more for marketing purposes and, perhaps, sales and distribution of Microsoft’s new Surface Tablet featuring Windows RT.  I suspect that they will likely stay up so long as demand requires.

Look for my review of the Mircrosoft “cloud” Office 365, touted for small business, later this month and the Nokia 920 Windows 8 phone in November.

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