CRE~ICYMI (In Case You Missed It), A Replay of the live, video recap of the weeks top CRE Stories – from March 3, 2016 @ 11:00 am, PST

The Difference between Advertising on Social Media and Marketing on Social Media

CRE Radio & TV's CRE~ICYMI series will be a regular show in which we will be discussing the top commercial real estate news stories from the past weeks. The stories will be aggregated from various sources, including our Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook feeds, stories from Money Magazine, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The News Funnel, our audience and many, many other sources. Our plan is to take the, predominantly, written stories and present them to you in a visual and auditory format with commentary. This is a recording of the live, online interactive TV show originally recorded on March 3, 2016. You don't have to just watch and listen, you can bring in your own stories that you want to talk about. Read more

Affordable Housing Update with Albert Berriz and Darryl Carter. Live, Interactive TV on March 11th @ 11:00 am, PST


With the hot rental market, rental prices are continuing to rise, the issue of rental affordability has become a major topic of conversation. With many of the newer apartment developments focusing on luxury and resort style living, are some people being priced out of the rental market? Now, even a moderate income earner is having problems affording rental living. Is there an alternative to the continuous upward spiral of rents and can owners and developers provide affordable housing to the vast majority of the population? What are the benefits to the development of affordable housing and can it be provided with a good standard of living? Read more

Live, Online Interactive Real Estate Chat with JW Najarian 12/16/15 @ 5:30 pm, PST


Commencing 2016, we will be doing a live, online, interactive, weekly, real estate chat on any and all real estate subjects. These will generally be audience driven discussions with portions of the shows, pre-planned by me, with the intention of fostering audience participation and discussion. Topic discussions are wide open and can include, what’s going on in... Read more

Multi-Family Update 2015/2016: What’s the Future of Apartments with Albert Berriz ~ Full Unedited Recording


Multi-Family has been hot, hot, hot and it looks like it's not going to cool off anytime soon. While the new and used home market has improved dramatically over the last two years, it still isn't easy to purchase a home, with prices in some regions exceeding the pre-recession prices. Young home buyers are priced out of the market and baby boomers are now looking to downsize and even shift from homeownership to rentals It seems like a perfect storm for apartment owners. But are there clouds on the horizon? Is this just a never ending upward climb? In this show, I rely upon two recognized leaders in the multifamily space to review the multifamily market of 2015. Albert M. Berriz, CEO of Mckinley and Daryl J. Carter, CEO of Avanath join me for this live, online, interactive television show on Blab. For more information on how to get on Blab and be seen and heard on the show, scroll below. Otherwise, if you just want to watch and not participate, just click on the picture of Albert, Daryl and me. We're going to dig down, past the data and really discuss how 2015 differed from past years and what they expect in 2016 and beyond. Read more