Is it a Good Time to Invest in Real Estate in India? (Video)

Is it a Good Time to Invest in Real Estate in India?

It may now be a great time to invest in India, finally. Previously, there had been significant hurdles for foreign investors in India. However, according to Anuj Puri, Country Chairman and Head of JLL India, the election of a new government, the first in 30 years, bodes very well for foreign investing, particularly in commercial real estate. Read more

CREW Network Accomplishments for Women in Commercial Real Estate

Crew Network Accomplishments for Women in Commercial Real Estate

Judith Nitsch, CREW Network 2014 President was kind enough to take some time out of her busy schedule to talk with me at the ICSC Recon Conference in Las Vegas in May 2014. Energetic and articulate are the two words that come to mind when I think of Judy. With a considerable amount of enthusiasm, Judy announced to CRE Radio that Hillary Rodham Clinton is going to be the the keynote speaker at the CREW national convention at the Loews, Miami Beach Hotel from September 30th through October 2nd. Former Secretary of State, former US Senator and First Lady and possible candidate, Clinton, will be speaking at the luncheon on Thursday, October 2, 2014. Read more

Big Day Confirming Interviews for RECON and still Counting


More interviews added on 5/13/14. In chronological order of interview, I have confirmed the following interviews at RECON 2014: Arturo Sneider, John Crossman, Al Weiss, Adam Ifshin; Terry Brown; Jeff Rinkov,BK Allen, Faith Hope Consolo, Judith Nitsch, Lori Kilberg, Gene Spiegelman, Matt Winn, Anthony Buono, Jeff Edison Mathew Harding, Greg Maloney, Anuj Puri, Larry Kilduff, MaryAnne Gilmarten and Mike Carroll. Read the full article for more details Read more

Designing Shopping Centers Requires Some Pretty Sophisticated Pre-Planning & Thought

Designing Shopping Centers Requires Some Pretty Sophisticated Pre-Planning & Thought

Greg explains how the retailer controls the environment within the 4 walls of it's store, while the developer and owner of the center, is responsible for the environment outside all of the stores. Is retail a subset of the entertainment industry and requires a retail design architect to understand the demographics of the retailers that the developer is trying to target as well as the demographics of the consumers that the retailers are trying to target. Read more

Downtown Los Angeles is Adding More Mixed Use and is Going Through a New Revitalization

Downtown Los Angeles is Adding More Mixed Use and is Going Through a New Revitalization

Justin Weiss discusses the recent history of Los Angeles Downtown Revitalization. He has been involved in the process for over 13 years. It's not likely that anyone knows the process better than him. Among other things, he discusses how mixed use is becoming more popular, now bringing in more high end retail and chic supermarkets and why. Is downtown LA now becoming more like NY and San Francisco and is it becoming the chic center of Gen Y? Read more

Colliers’ Chris Maling Talks Cap Rates

Chris Maling Talks Cap Rates

I interviewed Colliers' Chris Maling at the ICSC 2013 Western Division Conference in San Diego. He describes how cap rates are being compressed allowing California investors, with the aid of technology and good management, invest out of state. Is the compression about supply and demand or general economic conditions? Is real estate value being driven by a shortage in supply? Where are cap rates going? Read more

Marketplace Fairness Act – Mass Groundroots Campaigning

Every brick & mortar landlord should be providing their tenants with posters to go in their windows supporting MFA. Every shopping bag should have a logo in support. How about grocery bags? Even congress people eat and shop? When their spouses shop, a bag should be sitting on their counter in support of the bill and all retail advertising should contain a recognizable logo in support, including Thursday grocery discounts and coupons. Read more

What is an Icon of Real Estate? – A Story of David Henry

Our interview is not about numbers and awards. It is about events and circumstances in his life that have shaped the man that he is. It’s about stories. Stories about successes and failures that he has learned from and that he will share with others to inspire listeners to excel at what they do. This will be a show for people who think. Someone looking for a quick fix or a list of tricks to success will likely not be interested in this show. This show is for and about Thought Leaders. Read more