The Only Questions that You Need to Ask in a Negotiation


For this live, online, interactive TV show, our regular guest, Peter Morris and I discuss the Only Questions that You Need to Ask in a Negotiation, any negotiation, whether a new lease, real estate purchase or buying a car. The live show will air at 11:00 am, PST on February 23, 2016. Click here to register. You can just watch. But if you want to join in, ask questions or give your two cents, follow the directions at the end of this post. You will need a gmail, email address to participate live. After the live show, the recording will be made available, both in video and audio formats. Yes, you read that right. To successfully negotiate Peter says that you should ask questions, rather than just speak your mind or assert your position Read more

CCIM Institute Implements “Blended Learning”

CCIM Institute Implements “Blended Learning”

According to B.K. Allen, the current EVP & CEO of the CCIM Institute, "blended learning" is the CCIM Institutes modernized approach to education, combining the personalization of the classroom with the efficiency of online training. Blended learning is one of the ways that CCIM intends to bring itself and its members through the 21st Century. Read more


Are You Making the Best Use of Your Time & Skills? Hiring an Assistant or Outsourcing

Have you just been bursting to give advice to other brokers on how to do things right? Well, now is your chance. We are going to help Allen Buchanan best prepare for bringing his son-in-law into the real estate business.

Rather than our usual format, we are going to treat this radio show as a problem solving forum where the listeners become the heavy participants and become more the speakers than the listeners.

Among other things, we will discuss: How to best prepare for a new trainee? What can or should a trainee do both over the short term and long term? Best training practices? How soon should they join organizations such as Boma and CCIM? How much should they be paid and how effective is the bonus or commission system? How to best involve them in social media and when?

Designing Shopping Centers Requires Some Pretty Sophisticated Pre-Planning & Thought

Designing Shopping Centers Requires Some Pretty Sophisticated Pre-Planning & Thought

Greg explains how the retailer controls the environment within the 4 walls of it's store, while the developer and owner of the center, is responsible for the environment outside all of the stores. Is retail a subset of the entertainment industry and requires a retail design architect to understand the demographics of the retailers that the developer is trying to target as well as the demographics of the consumers that the retailers are trying to target. Read more


New Franchise Legislation: Point/Counterpoint

Join our guests Erik Wulff and Robert Purvin as they discuss differing views on efforts to increase franchisee rights in a point/counterpoint style of discussion. To the extent appropriate, Howard adds the perspective of the landlord and how these changes may affect their leases.

The Bad and Good of Lack of Focus and Meteors in the Sky

Let me step back to about 2 years ago. At that time I was pontificating to everyone at the radio show about how it made sense to have people comment to our shows by means of audio messages rather than requiring contributions in writing only. We really want people to contribute and interact directly on our site. If our main focus was communicating in audio format, shouldn't we allow our listeners to interact in the same way? It sure made sense to me, Mike and Justin. The problem was that we didn't know how to do it. The problem is now solved. Read more "Cost savings in The Netherlands: Now you see it, now you don't" by on Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

What Can PR Firms Do For CRE Companies?

We all know that “PR” stands for public relations, but do we really understand what that means? Find out what CRE PR firms can do for you and what you should expect when looking for one. Our experienced public relations guests are Leeza Hoyt (The Hoyt Org.), Susan Evans (Evans-Larson) & Tina Cassidy (Ink House)