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Digital Connectivity is the Future and It’s Knocking on our Doors Today

This is the first part of my interview with Neel Naicker, CEO of AMP Technologies from ICSC Recon 2016. In this video, Neel explains how the various and different forms of information from our buildings will converge and become useful in ways that we had not, previously imagined.

Watch the interview in the video box below

Think of all of the building systems in a modern office building, from heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, security, fire safety, elevators, etc. Our buildings will know of issues, problems and repairs, before they occur. The systems will order replacements and even have them installed without human intervention. Health systems will be maintained automatically in a way that insures the healthiest and most comfortable environments for employees and visitors alike.

Risks and operations will be able to be seen, not only in real time, but ahead of time.

Interconnectivity is the wave of the future.


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