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The DNA of CRE Explained in “Detail”

DNA CRE Snippet

TheBrokerList and Buildout partnered together to evaluate the Genetic Makeup of the commercial real estate industry. Their survey asked some pretty basic questions and produced interesting results, including:

  • What cre professional spend most of their time on;
  • The type of property most often represented;
  • Where most of cre business came from;
  • Percentage of deals co-brokered, etc., and more

During this show, we didn’t just give the numbers. We discussed what the numbers meant and what, if any, is their significance.  The key to this show will be the quality of the questions that the audience asked. That’s right, the audience is asked to get on TV with us and ask questions live or give their own opinions. To participate in the show, you need to join Blab for free, using your free Twitter handle. My guests for this show are Linda Day Harrison, the founder of TheBrokerList and a sponsor of CRE Radio & TV and Ewa Baska, Marketing Director at Buildout

This is a recording of a live, online, interactive TV show in which the audience was seen and heard asking questions and directly letting us know their thoughts. We are using the “Blab” online platform which is free and doesn’t require the downloading of any software to your computer.  If you don’t want to join in on the conversation, you can just watch the show by clicking on the video in this post.

Linda Day Harrison Website LinkedIn Twitter LDH_CCIM

Linda Day Harrison is the founder of theBrokerList, a dynamic, interactive and collaborative online community of commercial real estate brokers and professionals. Linda has interweaved her community of members with social media and their collective content can be found on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram as well as other social media platforms of the day. Linda is a proficient blogger in her own right and prior to forming theBrokerList was a successful commercial real estate professional in the Chicagoland market. Linda has earned an outstanding reputation as an exceptional professional service provider who has raised the bar among colleagues and peers.  A visionary strategist, she directed the redevelopment and re-positioning of a major Chicago high-rise office building, on behalf of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), that dramatically increased its value.  She was awarded special honors and recognition for her innovation, commitment and execution, by the NAR.

Linda is a licensed Illinois real estate broker and has earned the CPM and CCIM designations. She’s a graduate of DePaul University and earned the Bachelor of Arts degree with an emphasis on business.

Ewa Baska: Website  LinkedIn

Buildout: Ewa Baska photographed at the offices of Buildout, Chicago, IL. February 12, 2016. Photo by Andrew Collings.

Buildout: Ewa Baska photographed at the offices of Buildout, Chicago, IL. February 12, 2016. Photo by Andrew Collings.

Ewa Baska is the Director of Marketing at Buildout, a technology company specializing in commercial real estate marketing. Her focus is on developing campaigns emphasising and promoting client success. Her responsibilities include developing and executing the marketing strategy for the company, concentrating on lead generation and brand awareness through digital marketing and public relations.

Prior to Buildout, Ewa spent 5 years in various marketing positions at Holden, a sales training consultancy. She brings a knowledge of both traditional B2B marketing as well as a modern understanding of digital SaaS marketing. She’s a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and International Business. Ewa is bilingual in Polish and English.

Something to Add?

  • Howard, I could swear I left a comment here when this posted, but if not, it is my bad. Thank you so much for hosting this event and permitting Ewa and I to talk about this topic. We found this to be an amazing project to collaborate on and we learned so much and enjoyed the process. We hope we can do this every year going forward to see how things progress in the industry! Thanks so much!

  • David Perlmutter

    Darn, just started watching as you were saying goodbye! Will have to catch the video

    • Major bummer. Thought we would see you. Your ad was great!!! Thanks for sponsoring the show.

  • hfklaw

    David, I played a short 8 second video that I quickly created this morning. You won’t see it on the Blab recording, but I will send you the link to it on YouTube

    • Thanks for everything Howard and I learned so much doing this show today. I really appreciated the exposure and allowing us to share our #DNAofCRE survey with your viewers! join.thebrokerlist.com/dna/