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What are the Key Factors to Growth in the Urban Core?

Jeff Rinkov, CEO of Lee & Associates, a nationwide commercial real estate brokerage and services firm discusses what the key factors pushing urban core development.

We discuss, among the other factors, density, convenience, public and pedestrian transportation.

While not discussed in this interview, the video begs the question, is urban core development limited to the influx of millennials or is there strong interest from other age groups?

Speaking only for the Baby Boomer generation and living primarily in suburbia most of my life, I am now at an age where I have a strong attraction to the convenience of urban living. I am no longer concerned about raising children where they can play in the street safely or the quality of public education. My main focus is safety, convenience to good quality pedestrian and public transportation, healthcare and, yes, affordability. Perhaps affordability in the developing or better described, re-developing urban core is a good topic for further exploration.

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