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It’ll be a Cold Calling Day in Hell!

Show Description

Is cold calling dead? Has it been replaced by social media?
Did it ever work? Did it ever work for you?
Do scripts work?
Is there any way to get over that “deer in the headlights” fear when you have to pick up the phone and call a prospect?
How do you prepare for a cold call?
Are there differences between a cold call, a warm call and a hot call?
Is there software or services that can help you do more and have better quality calls?

These and other questions will be discussed and answered as Rod Santomassimo, Howard and Mike Durnerin discuss the “real” ins and outs of cold calling. With over 90 years of combined cold calling experience between the three of them, they will discuss the tried and true solutions as well as their own, personal, hands on experience trying to market and promote their own businesses.

Rod is a renowned author, trainer and advisor to commercial real estate brokers. He is the one that teaches commercial brokers how to develop and expand their brokerage business in the most cost efficient ways. Mike has been in radio sales for nearly 4 decades and has had to deal with rejection and overcome objections that most of us have never even dreamed of (and if we have, it was more of a nightmare!) Howard, as an entrepreneur, attorney and real estate broker has had to face the cold calling demon and realized that it was him. He will explain how he hates cold calling and has gotten over that hatred and has turned it to his advantage.

Featured Guests

Rod Santomassimo
Founder and President, The Massimo Group

Rod possesses over 20 years of commercial real estate industry experience, a solid financial background and a proven growth track record that has repeatedly led to increased individual and company revenue.

The Massimo Group is proud to include Cushman Wakefield, Marcus & Milichap, Grubb & Ellis, Sperry Van Ness, Studley, Colliers, Carter USA, CORFAC, NAI and scores of regional and local firms and/or their individual brokers among its clients.  Rod Santomassimo has been a featured speaker at a variety of local offices, regional conferences and CCIM’s National Conference, as well as the National Conferences for NAI Global, SVN, Grubb & Ellis and the National Association of Realtors.  In addition Rod Santomassimo has been approved and selected as a featured speaker by the National Association of Realtors Commercial Alliance and its Signature Series.

Mike Durnerin
Producer, Commercial Real Estate Radio
Managing Partner,
Techniques Marketing

Mike is a 35-year veteran of broadcast and digital media sales for ABC and CBS radio. At Techniques Marketing, he specializes in helping clients of all kinds increase business with their strategic key accounts, using his strong background of proven results in sports marketing, promotional and event marketing.

Something to Add?

  • abuchanan

    There is really no reason to make a “cold call” anymore. With all the resources available, take some time, do some research, find out mutual acquaintances…then call.

  • hfklaw

    Of course, your right Allen. For me and many others, knowing how to call and actually getting yourself to do it are two different things. To me, picking up the phone is absolute torture, unless I, somehow convince myself that it’s not a cold call. Michael Durnerin and Michael Polk have the right attitude. It’s just a warm up to success or just get the no’s out of the way so you can get to the yes.

    As you say, prepare yourself a head of time so that the call is not as cold. We should hold classes for brokers using ourselves to actually walk through the process of research and preparation rather than just thrusting a young agent in front of a phone and say, start dialing.

    For me, it’s now more about inspiring people to actually make the call or calls then telling them what to do.

  • Howard, thanks to you and Rod for this wonderful podcast. We are sharing it here today! http://blog.thebrokerlist.com/itll-cold-calling-day-hell/