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Can Women Break the Glass Ceiling on Commercial Real Estate?

This show will be a “forum” discussion in which we will go into depth, the status and impact of women, or the lack thereof in leadership roles in commercial real estate.

  • Why aren’t more women in commercial real estate?
  • Why aren’t there more women in leadership roles?
  • What are the trends being seen and will women gain more leadership roles and if not, why not?
  • Does it really matter if women gain more leadership roles in commercial real estate?

These and other topics will be discussed among myself and 5 of the most articulate, interesting, intelligent and representative women, at the top of their game in the commercial real estate industry, including:

  • Faith Hope Consolo, Chairwoman of Prudential Dougles Eliman Commercial Real Estate, Retail Division
  • Collete English Dixon, 2011 National President of the Crew Network and Principal, Transactions of Prudential Real Estate Investors is the real estate investment management business of Prudential Financial. PREI
  • Diane Butler, the current 2012 President of Crew Network and Principal and CEO at Butler Burgher, Inc., which provides commercial and multifamily real estate valuation, services.
  • Jennifer Stroffe, the 2012 President of CREW Network, Orange County, California and an associate of the Firm of Friedman, Stroffe & Gerard as a member of the Real Property and Construction Practice Group.
  • Leslie Lundin, the managing partner of LBG Realty Advisors, LLC, a privately-held real estate company that specializes in the acquisition, investment and development of commercial real estate properties in the western United States.  Leslie also is the co-chair of the Final Frontier, a Conference On Women As Entrepreneurs In Commercial Real Estate.

What is unique about my guests for this show is not that they are all woman.  The uniqueness lies in their own personal traits, backgrounds and experience, each adding another layer of complexity to the discussion. The guests cover all age groups relavant to the discussion, covering a wide range of various disciplines that comprise the broad category of commercial real estate.

Listen as we discuss shifting societal attitudes and perspectives and how it may effect your real estate business and how you might benefit from the unique paradigm that woman may bring to the table, or do women really look at things from a different paradigm?

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