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CREW Network Annual Convention Preview with Gail Ayers and Should Men Attend (Quick Answer: Absolutely Yes!)

Show Description

In preparation of this year’s CREW Network Annual Convention in Bellevue, Washington from September 30th through October 2nd, I interview Gail Ayers, CEO of CREW Network (Commercial Real Estate Women). In case you haven’t noticed yet, I am a huge proponent of diversity in commercial real estate and a supporter of CREW Network.

In this radio show, Gail talks about:

  • Her many successes as CREW Network CEO over the past 11 years;
  • The many programs and advantages afforded to CREW members; and
  • What you can expect if you attend the convention;

Gail and I also discuss whether or not this is a women only thing or whether or not men should consider attending.

As an attendee last year, I can tell you, from my own experience, guys should absolutely attend. The predominantly female attendees are warm, inviting and “inclusionary”. The mere fact that this seems to be a well kept secret among male commercial real estate professionals is reason alone to attend.  The guys haven’t gotten it yet, but you can.

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Featured Guests

Gail Ayers

Gail Ayers LinkedIn 
CEO, Company

Gail Ayers has served as the CEO of CREW Network for over 11 years and president of the CREW Network Foundation. CREW Network consists of over 73 chapters throughout the United States and Canada. As CEO she oversees the organization’s individual chapters and their 9,000 members in North America and serves as the pivotal staff person communicating with the board and staff for organizational focus and implementation. Gail is also responsible to insure Leadership development, strategic planning, governance and succession training for the organization and all of its chapters. The CREW Network Foundation supports undergraduate and graduate scholarships, research, career outreach and mentoring. Under her direction the organization has grown in numbers and prominence as a major contributor to the commercial real estate industry.

Gail’s notable achievements include:

  • Establishment of CREW Network Scholarship Endowment: Ten $10,000 scholarships awarded annually;
  • Internship and mentoring services for scholars and members;
  • Development of CREWbiz,CREW Network’s proprietary online business networking tool;
  • Development of the CREW Network leadership lecture series;
  • Development of thought leadership white paper series;
  • Expansion of CREW Network membership and chapters;
  • Leadership with delegates to create solutions and playbooks for Gold Standard operations in CREW Network chapters;
  • Corporate program partnerships:
    • CBRE: Industry Research Partner Walmart Realty:
    • CareerZone MIT:
    • CREW Network’s 2015 benchmark compensation study Norton Rose Fulbright: Technology Partner

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Something to Add?

  • Howard thank you so much for this wonderful interview and most importantly, introducing all of us to Gail. It was an amazing and interesting video of a female leader who is truly an icon. Also, thanks for your wonderful promotion of our site and the great job you are doing for us as a website. We are so lucky to have you help us with all of this. Thank you!