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Hot Topics in Green Building and Sustainability

Show Description "Sustainability Building" by Hiestun.Photography on Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0) http://www.flickr.com/photos/hiestun/6388063681/

This is our first in a series of radio shows regarding green buildings, sustainability and our environment. Listen to a free-flowing conversation on key environmental and commercial building sustainability issues in today’s environment with some of the top experts in the nation.

Topics include:

  • What is motivating building owners and tenants to seek more environmentally favorable property? Are there financial and other benefits of going green? Who are the stakeholders?
  • Do tenants really care?
  • Are the terms “green buildings” and “sustainability” just semantics or is there some real meat behind those bones? Is it just talk or are we really helping the environment?
  • Is the push toward environmentally friendly buildings gaining steam or beginning to stagnate?
  • Who is in charge of sustainability initiatives and implementation; owners or tenants? Is it managed at the local level?
  • How is the city of New York leading the charge?
  • Which came first, the change in the way we work or the effect that environmental changes have on the way we work? Or both?
  • Is there enough data to give us a true picture of what “green” means and what are we doing to get meaningful data and information? What are we doing with the data once we have it?
  • What is being disclosed and is there any consistency to the data being disclosed so as to give some credibility to the information and analytics?

Featured Guests

David Pogue, LEED® APPogueDave-1crop
Global Director of Corporate Responsibility, CBRE

As Global Director of Corporate Responsibility, Dave Pogue oversees CBRE’’s development, implementation and reporting for all aspects of corporate social responsibility, including environmental stewardship, community engagement and corporate giving. Prior to his current role, Mr. Pogue led sustainability programs for CBRE’’s property and facilities management portfolio around the globe, managing the development, introduction and implementation of a wide-ranging platform of sustainable practices and policies. Read David’s full profile.


Dr. Constantine E. Kontokosta, PEConstantine E Kontokosta-3
Deputy Director, NYU Center for Urban Science + Progress
NYU Center for the Sustainable Built Environment

Dr. Constantine E. Kontokosta, PE is the Deputy Director of the NYU Center for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP), a newly-established research center that utilizes informatics and data analytics to make cities more efficient, resilient, equitable, and sustainable. He is also the Founding Director of the NYU Center for the Sustainable Built Environment, a research center focused on sustainable property markets, and is an adjunct associate professor at the Wagner School of Public Service.


William TeichmanWilliam Teichman photo2
Director of Sustainability, Kimco Realty Corporation

In his role, Will leads the development, implementation and communication of a series of initiatives aimed at improving the environmental, social and economic performance of Kimco’s shopping centers, the largest owner of neighborhood and community shopping centers in the United States. Prior to his current role, Will held positions in the retail and management consulting industries, developing sustainability strategies for large organizations. He was a founding member of the sustainability consultancy Clear Carbon, and prior to Kimco was employed by Target Corporation in Minneapolis, MN.

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