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Are You Making the Best Use of Your Time & Skills? Hiring an Assistant or Outsourcing

A few weeks ago, Allen Buchanan, an experienced broker at Lee & Associates was telling me that he was in the process of hiring an assistant to help him with his real estate practice. Someone he could train as a real estate broker and share the great wisdom he has accumulated over the last few decades. He apparently found the perfect guinea pig; his son-in-law.  Sheeesh.  What a perfect way to create family disharmony; by barking orders to your daughter’s husband. All kidding aside, could there be anything better than helping your children and their spouses follow in your footsteps but do a far better job than you?

Sadly, I haven’t been a great leader of law clerks and attorneys and the only thing that I could think of that I would be less capable at is training my own children to work for me. Nevertheless and without any hesitation whatsoever, I started dispensing my sage advice to Allen, born from my many failures over the years.

It then struck me that CRE Radio was the perfect platform to help Allen get the most out of this experience while at the same time keeping family harmony. Instead of just me doing the talking, why not invite my listeners to help out and give some of their advice on the radio. A great radio show and help a friend.

Rather than our usual format, we are going to treat this show as a problem solving forum where the listeners become the heavy participants and become more the speakers than the listeners.

Among other things, we will discuss:

  • How to best prepare for a new trainee or intern?
  • Should you train for the short term and long term?
  • Best training practices?
  • How soon should interns join organizations such as Boma and CCIM?
  • How much should interns be paid and how effective is the bonus or commission system;
  • How to best involve interns in social media and when?

Featured Guest

Allen Buchanan Website | @allencbuchanan | LinkedIn | YouTube | Facebook
Principal, Lee & Associates, Inc.

Allen joined Lee & Associates, Inc. – Orange in 1984 after five years in the consumer goods business with Procter and Gamble and the  Gallo Winery. Allen has spent his real estate career in the industrial arena in North Orange and West Riverside County. His specialties include user representation, owner representation and investment sales. Allen became a shareholder in Lee & Associates, Inc. – Orange in 1988. Since then he has ranked within the top five producers of the Orange office for eight of the past nine years. Allen was the Top Industrial Producer for 1991, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1999, 2004, and 2010.

Something to Add?

  • Hey Howard,
    Do you want to give me a blog post about this so we can promote it? I do not want to copy this exactly, but Allen is one of our members and we want to promote this show! Let me know or send me what we can post. I can put the blog under Allen’s authorship if you guys say that is okay!

  • I wish I had been able to promote this BEFORE the show and you know we would have called in. Sorry to have missed this one. I would have called in!

    • hfklaw

      I sent you a calendar invite about a week before the show. I was surprised that you didn’t call in. Then again, Mike Legazo and Coy Davidson both confirmed and didn’t call in.

  • Howard, thank you so much for the awesome plug between the show breaks. That is so generous of you! Wow!!! Our first radio advertisement. That is fantastic!

    • hfklaw

      You know that it is all about “liking” someone, which includes being genuine, nice, honest and trustworthy and providing valuable insight and content. You excel on all counts. It is then, my pleasure.

  • “She is the face behind Riggins Construction.” <— You're too kind! Thank you!

    • But I’m very upfront about saying, “Call Tom, meet Tom, etc.”