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Mike Hillis Talks SIOR Spring Conference 2014 & How Technology is Changing the Real Estate Brokerage Practice

SIOR conferenceThis “mini” show features Mike Hillis, the current president of SIOR.  Mike discusses with me what can be expected at the SIOR Spring World Conference in Las Vegas, April 22-24th.

SIOR is an association of very experienced real estate agents. Not every broker is qualified to become a member.  You have have to have closed a substantial amount of deals.  I am not sure of the exact details, but you can visit their website at www.sior.com.

I’ve been to an SIOR conference, (unfortunately, I wasn’t invited to the conference this spring).  I can tell you however, it is a great place to meet other, highly competent brokers involved in industrial real estate throughout the world.  There is a strong and reliable “international” contingent.  See my article entitled “SIOR: An Organization of Mutual Trust & Referrals”.

I understand that Geoff Kasselman has spearheaded an entire day of digital and social media training at the conference.

We conclude a discussion on Mike’s thoughts on how technology has changed the brokerage business and how it will continue to change. While I agree with Mike’s views, I am not sure that I fully understand how the changes in technology is causing a consolidation in the real estate brokerage business and small shops going with the big shops.  As a matter of fact, as I see it, the availability of technology, particularly  in the “cloud”, equalizes much of the capital advantage that the larger firms enjoy.

Listen to the interview and let me know your thoughts.

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