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Protecting the Commercial Tenant Through Education (“Lease Administration the NRTA Way”)

During this show, we will be discussing numerous issues that retail and office tenants need to consider and pay attention to when negotiating and administering their leases.  All of our featured guests will be speaking at this years NRTA Annual Conference in Palm Desert, California from between October 7-10, 2012. In many instances my guests and I will go into some depth regarding the topics that will be presented at the NRTA conference, including, but not limited to:

  • The differences and similarities between the administration of an office or retail lease and some of the special considerations and concerns in mixed-use properties.  There will be a whole new office administration track at this years conference;
  • How over 3,000 The Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic and Athleta stores and outlets insure that their landlords include only the most cost efficient vendors and services in cam charges, including utilities and trash. This will be a fun “trash talking” discussion with Debbie Ravel, Director of Landlord Audit from the Gap;
  • How to make sure that your landlord is adhering to the language of the lease;
  • Debbie Ravel will be briefly describing her presentation at the conference on Co-Tenancy and Occupancy Requirements of Leases and current considerations;
  • Gregg Ankenman will discuss construction issues and work letters as well as other financial issues that are more prevalent in today’s economy and which should be of concern to tenants who are expecting to receive a tenant improvement or construction allowance from their landlord.  Gregg has a great title for his presentation at the conference.  It’s called “Build a Store.”  Sounds a little like “Build a Bear” to me.  With Gregg at the conference will be a panel that will include a construction expert, attorney and architect;
  • There will also be considerable discussion during the show and conference about retailers who are going “Green” in a cost effective fashion.
  • Mez Birdie will describe the entire 8-course real estate track at the conference, including a mock in-house retail real estate committee meeting. Mez and I have a lively discussion regarding, among other things, out-sourcing real estate department to third party companies.  Outsourcing may be a great way to bring big time professional real estate management to smaller retailers;
  • Jennifer Romano and I discuss lawsuit and litigation issues for tenant’s and some of her Top 10 List of Things Retailers Shouldn’t Do before a lawsuit; and
  • Last but not least, Paul Kinney, the Executive Director and co-founder of the NRTA will give a quick (quick for Paul), description of what will be presented at this years conference and what is different this year from prior years.

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