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What Can PR Firms Do For CRE Companies?

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We all know that “PR” stands for public relations, but do we really understand what that means? We can handle how we are perceived by the public and our prospective customers, right? Or can we? Heck—we’re all salespeople in a manner of speaking.

Now admit it. Hiring a PR firm sounds like a good idea. Do you really understand what you want and should expect from a PR firm? Do you know what questions to ask?

This show will give you the basics. My guests will explain what CRE PR firms can do for you and what you should expect. Be armed with the right questions to ask when interviewing a firm, and be clear in your purpose. We have a wonderful panel of experienced and seasoned public relations experts who can guide you through the process.

Show Notes

  • Why should a CRE company or person consider a PR firm?
  • PR in today’s environment has changed. Who can spread your message today?
  • Challenges, “problems,” and evolution is normal—PR helps strategize
  • Public relations “partner” may be a better term
  • Some companies bypassing media, going through their own channels
  • Content development is becoming critical—superficiality is ignored
  • Brand journalism & thought leadership; pretty new for CRE, creating a unified brand voice
  • PR also involves training. LinkedIn for lead generation; finding employees to act as spokespeople
  • Social media and creating guidelines before content; a cohesive social strategy
  • PR vs. advertising
  • “Sponsored content,” “native advertising,” “pay for play” — more options, cost varies, must be done well
  • What should a PR firm ask of a client? What should clients ask when looking for a PR firm?
  • Final key thoughts

Featured Guests

Leeza Hoyt

Leeza Hoyt LinkedIn | @llhoyt | @thehoytorg
President, The Hoyt Organization

Leeza founded The Hoyt Organization, Inc. in 1984 as a full-service, boutique public relations firm that specializes in representing real estate and professional services firms on a national basis. With more than 20 years experience in public relations and marketing, she has produced successful results for developers, architects, financial companies, real estate law and accounting firms. A graduate of the University of Southern California, Ms. Hoyt received her B.A. degree in public relations, and completed her Masters Degree in Business Administration at Loyola University.

Tina Cassidy

Tina Cassidy LinkedIn | @tinacassidy2 | @InkHousePR
Senior Vice President & Chief Content Officer, InkHouse

At InkHouse, Tina leads account teams that work on campaigns, launches, branding, and issues management. She also oversees InkHouse’s Content Bureau, which produces bylines, op-eds, Web content, speeches, e-books and other communications that reflect the voice, vibe and goals of the organization for which they are written. She also leads the firm’s real estate practice, which includes community relations, permitting, branding, messaging, social content and event planning. Tina is a member of the Urban Land Institute and New England Women in Real Estate.

Susan Evans

Susan Evans LinkedIn | @evans_larson
President and Founder, Evans Larson Communications

A leader in branding and business strategy, Susan is an advocate and practitioner of smart, innovative communication. She is well-versed in messaging for business-to-business and user-centered experiences, intersecting decades of consulting experience with consumer technology and lifestyle forecasting. Susan provides counsel to business leaders in commercial real estate, retail, healthcare, architecture, non-profits, publishing, franchising and natural and organic foods and products. Beginning in 1998, she led Evans Larson’s internet publishing initiative, which informed one of the firm’s current focuses content strategy, publishing and social media.

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