An Example of Great Content Marketing ~ Storytelling

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Wow, what a great job at storytelling. These weren't just videos of someone talking. No, these are videos that told a story with graphics and examples and video cuts of taking great advantage of this visual medium. Masterful video creation and editing from people who know what they wanted to accomplish and know how to do it. These videos are from people who are true professionals with creative minds. I am truly humbled. Read more

Retailers and Malls Play Social Media Pong

It appears that McDonalds is experimenting with a large, interactive billboard in a very public space where people can, without downloading an app, play pong in front of a crowd to win prizes, such as fries, burgers, shakes, etc. to drive traffic to their restaurant. Read more

Can You Copy the Design of a Building?

Under the category of "you can teach teach old dogs new tricks," Jeff Reichard of the law firm of Nexsen Preut describes the 10 Things that You Should Know about Architectural Copyright law. I didn't even know that such a law existed, but it does. Did you know constructing a substantially similar building, without the permission of the architect, may infringe on the copyright owner's rights? To me, this begs the question... Read more

New ADA Requirements for California Commercial Landlords

Much has been discussed about SB 1186, recently signed into law by Governor Brown of California. The bill had pretty wide bipartisan support and addressed some significant widespread abuse regarding California's enforcement of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the California Unruh Civil Rights Act... Read more

Do Your Elected Officials Support Commercial Real Estate?

What I do want to stress is how important it is to get involved in issues that are important to your commercial real property business. For the purpose of this blog post and in the interest of brevity, I would like to focus on your minimum involvement in economic and political issues that effect commercial real estate and your livelihood. Read more

How Does a Consultant Differ from an Attorney?

An attorney should not focus on the volume of the attorney's work. It is the achievement of the maximum effectiveness of the attorney's work that is what we should strive for and there is no set formula to accomplish this. In this regard, there is no substitute for intelligence, organization, experience, awareness, diligence and attention to detail. Read more

More Updates From Around the Nation on Taxing Internet Sales and Brick & Mortar Sales Tax Moratorium

As further reported by ICSC, the new bill drew attention to the New Jersey's sales tax policies and propelled the fairness issue higher in the conscious of the public and legislators. As I have stated previously, I think that it is a mistake to promote internet sales tax on the basis of "fairness." Proponents of an internet sales tax need to convince the public and their legislators that the public will benefit much more from such a tax than a state would from the increased employment resulting from a warehouse within the state. Read more