Do You Need Training or Coaching and What’s the Difference?


Rod Santomassimo, president of The Massimo Group and nationally known real estate coach explains the difference between training and coaching and gives an example of one of his greatest successes as a coach. I published this video in the midst of the 2015 NCAA March Madness. As I listened to him, while editing the video, I couldn’t help but think of “one-and-done” versus “four-year-degree” as an apt analogy. Read more

What is the Most Important Skill for Real Estate Attorneys? Interview with Derrick Gruner

What is the Most Important Skill for Real Estate Attorneys? Interview with Derrick Gruner

This is a must see video for anyone who deals with lawyers, is a lawyer or intends to be one. Derrick Gruner, General Counsel & Chief Legal Officer for Genesis Capital and I discuss how being an in-house lawyer can change your entire perspective on how attorneys can best help their clients. Derrick employs the "risk reward and possibility vs. probability approach" that sounds an awful lot like something I learned as in-house counsel, some 34 years ago. It's nice to know that the same, common sense concepts still apply. Read more


Are You Making the Best Use of Your Time & Skills? Hiring an Assistant or Outsourcing

Have you just been bursting to give advice to other brokers on how to do things right? Well, now is your chance. We are going to help Allen Buchanan best prepare for bringing his son-in-law into the real estate business.

Rather than our usual format, we are going to treat this radio show as a problem solving forum where the listeners become the heavy participants and become more the speakers than the listeners.

Among other things, we will discuss: How to best prepare for a new trainee? What can or should a trainee do both over the short term and long term? Best training practices? How soon should they join organizations such as Boma and CCIM? How much should they be paid and how effective is the bonus or commission system? How to best involve them in social media and when?

Should Attorneys Lead the Lease Negotiations?

When giving legal advice to our clients, the advice tends to be given from a conservative perspective. Our jobs tend to require us to give advice on all of the things that can go wrong. Our advice is also often based upon logic. Read more

Can You Copy the Design of a Building?

Under the category of "you can teach teach old dogs new tricks," Jeff Reichard of the law firm of Nexsen Preut describes the 10 Things that You Should Know about Architectural Copyright law. I didn't even know that such a law existed, but it does. Did you know constructing a substantially similar building, without the permission of the architect, may infringe on the copyright owner's rights? To me, this begs the question... Read more

New ADA Requirements for California Commercial Landlords

Much has been discussed about SB 1186, recently signed into law by Governor Brown of California. The bill had pretty wide bipartisan support and addressed some significant widespread abuse regarding California's enforcement of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the California Unruh Civil Rights Act... Read more

Collaborative Arbitration as an Alternative to Court Litigation and More Traditional Arbitration

The rules of civil procedure in the courts also promote an adversarial nature among lawyers rather than an attitude of collaboration among the lawyers and the courts, which I beleive would be of greater benefit to the clients. Most cases involve major game playing, just to get information that is obvious that we are entitled to. I am confident that much of the cost and time consumed in court litigation is spent trying to avoid providing evidence, facts and documents to the other side, at least, on average, increasing the client’s costs by more than fifty percent. Read more


Post Foreclosure Issues for Property Managers and Attorneys

This show will address some of the key issues faced by property managers and attorneys who represent lenders/buyers after the purchase of a commercial property after foreclosure. This wouldn’t be an interesting topic if we discussed it in 2004, when there were minimal commercial property foreclosures, if any. However, in today’s economy, a lot of properties are purchased as a result of a foreclosure, rather than by agreement between the owner and seller. Purchasing commercial property through a foreclosure sale poses some interesting and significant issues and problems as well as opportunities for investors, property managers and attorneys.

What Happened to a Good LOI and Why are Brokers Drafting Lease Documents?

This may sound like a “Howard Rant,” and to some extent it is, but for the life of me, I cannot understand why a broker would risk the significant liability that comes with the drafting of legal documents. Over the short term it may seem like a good strategy to keep attorneys away from the deal, but over the long term, I have got to believe that it is a lose, lose strategy. Read more