CRE ~ ICYMI Commercial Real Estate Stories from the Last Few Weeks @ 11:00 am, PST 3/31/16

Do You Need Training or Coaching and What’s the Difference?

CRE Radio & TV’s “CRE~ICYMI” series is where we discuss the top commercial real estate stories from the past weeks as well as discussion topics submitted by our audience. You can simply watch on our website or you can participate and be seen and heard online by joining "Blab" for free. We encourage you to participate in the conversation which is a great way for you to show everyone your knowledge, intelligence and expertise. Some of this weeks stories may include: "Hotel, The Price is Right" the ever escalating bidding for hotelier, Starwood Hotels by Marriott and Chinese owned Anbang Insurance Group; While we are on the subject of hotels, we might discuss where the hotel industry is heading and how it is dealing with the likes of AirBnb Who is more influential, Gen X or Millenials Recent cases regarding tenant insurance Will CRE Lending up for some belt tightening CRE Debt increase hits 8-year high What is a constructive eviction? Read more

A Guaranteed Way to Tell Which Way the Economy is Heading

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You may be surprised to hear that a national economist may not be the one with their ear on the track waiting for the economic train coming. The economist goes to the people in the trenches, who are dealing with the effects of economic conditions on a day-to-day basis. Those people include............. Read more

5 Killer Apps to Maximize Commercial Real Estate Productivity, (guest post by Andrew Bermudez)

Andrew Bermudez

Andrew Bermudez, our guest author, attributes much of his success to his unsatiated obsession using technology tools to improve his productivity and workflow so he can win more clients and quickly close more deals. As an entrepreneur, Andrew is a super busy with a never-ending list of things to get done. Here are the apps that he uses to kick ass and take names throughout the day and be ultra productive Read more

Live, Online Interactive Real Estate Chat with JW Najarian 12/16/15 @ 5:30 pm, PST


Commencing 2016, we will be doing a live, online, interactive, weekly, real estate chat on any and all real estate subjects. These will generally be audience driven discussions with portions of the shows, pre-planned by me, with the intention of fostering audience participation and discussion. Topic discussions are wide open and can include, what’s going on in... Read more