Real Estate Capital is both Plentiful and Diverse ~ Interview with Collette English Dixon

Real Estate Capital is both Plentiful and Diverse ~ Interview with Collette English Dixon

While attending the CREW Network, (CREW), Annual Conference in Miami, I spent some time with Collette, English Dixon, former president of CREW. Collette, a principal running the 30 billion dollar real estate investment portfolio for Prudential Real Estate Investments, gives me her perspective on the changing availability and demographics of current, available, real estate capital. As we came out of the recession, it was hard to figure out who the buyers for real estate were. There were the usual suspects at the time, including contrarian, private equity that had cashed out ahead of the downturn. Institutions were close behind. However, now, according to Collette, there is a broad range of available capital, including off-shore capital, some of which you can tell is off-shore and some is managed by US based advisors. Read more

CRE Radio Does RECON Interviews in a Big Way

We're fully booked for interviews at RECON with a star-studded group of top notch executives from the most prestigious real estate firms. This isn't the old “wish you were here and too bad you’re not” interview series. We've asked our subjects to pick a topic that is near and dear to their hearts and minds. Read more


Xceligent, Emergence from the Merger of Co-Star and Loopnet

Have you wanted to hear a little bit of the insider’s scoop on the merger of Loopnet and Co-Star? Well now is your opportunity. I had the distinct pleasure of spending some time with Douglas Curry, founder and CEO of Xceligent. Doug talks about the origins of Xceligent, its relationship with Loopnet, how and why Loopnet had to divest itself before merging with Co-Star and what Exceligent is planning for the future.

Also in this show is a special interview with Trudi Lesser, President of CREW LA. Trudi talks about CREW LA’s event, Women at the Top, “The Art of Balance.”