What Role Will Real Estate Play in the Changing Healthcare Landscape?

What Role Will Real Estate Play in the Changing Healthcare Landscape?

Scott Mason and I spend some time at the CREW Network Annual Convention in Bellevue, Washington. Scott is the head of Cushman & Wakefield's Healthcare Group and is not only knowledgeable on the subject, but very personable and explains all things CRE and Healthcare well. There are so many factors now affecting healthcare in the US, not the least of which includes an aging population, Obamacare, and an industry that was in flux before Obamacare. According to Scott, changes have to be made in order for healthcare to be affordable in the future and real estate has to be included in that equation. The "triple aim" of healthcare includes........... Read more

Can Google Glasses by Useful and Go Beyond Just Cool?

Can Google Glasses by Useful and Go Beyond Just Cool?

While attending Realcomm 2014 I spent some time with David Lorenzini who is a Google Glass aficionado and developer. David is a big time supporter of Google Glass. In this video, David describes how Google Glasses can be used with intelligent buildings. He believes that Google Glass is but a taste of what things will be in the near future. Watch and listen as David describes his travel experiences and use of Google Glass to help him read signs and communicate better in countries speaking and writing language foreign to him. Read more

Brokers Need to Learn to Use Video….and There is an App for That

Brokers Need to Learn to Use Video….and There is an App for That

Kyle Shannon, founder of Storyvine created the company because he thought that creating a video was to difficult for the average amateur to make. He saw a need and he solved the need. Storyvine creates video templates for use by any amateur, including real estate brokers that adds a professional flare to your videos. All you have to do is shoot the video and upload it to the internet. In 5 minutes the software stitches a professional looking video together. This is no ordinary video. You don't need to understand lighting or even the rule of thirds. It does it all for you. Read more

CREFC West Coast High Yield Real Estate Finance Summit to be Attended by CRE Radio & Allen Matkins

CREFC West Coast High Yield Real Estate Finance Summit to be Attended CRE Radio & Allen Matkins

We are excited to announce that I will be attending the CRE Finance Council "West Coast High Yeld Real Estate Finance Summit at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica on May 13th & 14th. I will be conducting interviews with the real, "Movers & Shakers" in the industry. I whole heartedly recommend that you attend the summit, where you can gain and share valuable insight into the world of "High Yield Real Estate." Read more

Collaborative Arbitration as an Alternative to Court Litigation and More Traditional Arbitration

The rules of civil procedure in the courts also promote an adversarial nature among lawyers rather than an attitude of collaboration among the lawyers and the courts, which I beleive would be of greater benefit to the clients. Most cases involve major game playing, just to get information that is obvious that we are entitled to. I am confident that much of the cost and time consumed in court litigation is spent trying to avoid providing evidence, facts and documents to the other side, at least, on average, increasing the client’s costs by more than fifty percent. Read more

Ready for Crowdfunding? Not so fast!

Crowdfunding is a hot, new term that is being used to describe a method where a real estate syndicator could use social media on the Internet to raise small amounts of money from large numbers of investors. Read more

Cloud Computing Apps New Dirt, Docusign & ClientLook for Commercial Real Estate Professionals


In addition to discussion regarding the use of digital signatures and CRE Matchmaking, Howard will be discussing some of the pros and cons of using cloud computing for real estate professionals, including a detailed discussion of security. This will be a practical hands on discussion based upon Howard's many years of using internet cloud services from before it was known as the "cloud." Have you ever heard of "SAAS"? Read more


Internet Sales Tax – The Pros and Cons with US Senator Michael Enzi

Proponents of the federal internet sales tax legislation assert that the legislation does not impose any new tax but merely simplifies the process of compliance of state Use Tax codes, level the playing field between brick & mortar retailers and internet retailer and that these bills will allow cash strapped states and cities to generate more revenue from Internet sales. Detractors argue, among other things that passage of these bills would effectively impose a new tax on, already overburdened taxpayers.