Can You Copy the Design of a Building?

Under the category of "you can teach teach old dogs new tricks," Jeff Reichard of the law firm of Nexsen Preut describes the 10 Things that You Should Know about Architectural Copyright law. I didn't even know that such a law existed, but it does. Did you know constructing a substantially similar building, without the permission of the architect, may infringe on the copyright owner's rights? To me, this begs the question... Read more

Ready for Crowdfunding? Not so fast!

Crowdfunding is a hot, new term that is being used to describe a method where a real estate syndicator could use social media on the Internet to raise small amounts of money from large numbers of investors. Read more

Non-Traded REITS – Are They a Good Alternative to Direct Real Estate Investing?


As a real estate broker or investor, you might typically look to buy an office building or shopping center directly from the owner or seller. As a seller, you may direct your broker to market your property to individual or corporate investors. However, are these your only options? Join us as we discuss non-traded REITS with John Bessey, President of Phillips Edison-ARC and Tony Chereso, Principal and Chief Operating Officer of Factright. Read more

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The Economy and its Effect on Commercial Real Estate

Our discussion is intended to be particularly meaningful to the investor, property manager, lender or broker, “on the street” and “in the trenches”. What does all of this economic “mumbo jumbo” mean to how you run your business and how to plan for the future of your real estate investment, lender or brokerage practice.