Critical Issues When Leasing to a Marijuana Business

Matt and Bill

Are you considering opening your own cannabis business and looking to lease space or are you a landlord hoping to take advantage of the premium rents being demanded? Are you a leasing professional who wants to take advantage of these new opportunities or are you just interested in the topic of marijuana? Whatever the reason, this is your opportunity to discover the myriad issues facing landlords and tenants who are involved in the marijuana business. If you are more of a voyeur and just want to watch, click on the image just below and watch at your heart's content. You don't need to download or join anything. However, if you want to ask questions or comment live just click here, to take you to You will need a free Twitter account and need to join Blab, but won't have to download anything. However, not everyone will be able to get on the show.......we only have so much time. Read more


Commercial Real Estate Bankruptcy – What You Need To Know

No matter what your thoughts on the future economy, if you are a commercial real estate professional, you must know and understand how bankruptcy can effect commercial real property and the landlord/tenant relationship. What are the factors, law and strategies that you may want to consider before a tenant or landlord files for bankruptcy. If you are a tenant, how can you protect yourself if the landlord files for bankruptcy protection? What is a real estate specific bankruptcy and when should a tenant consider this option? These and other issues will be discussed during this radio show.


New Franchise Legislation: Point/Counterpoint

Join our guests Erik Wulff and Robert Purvin as they discuss differing views on efforts to increase franchisee rights in a point/counterpoint style of discussion. To the extent appropriate, Howard adds the perspective of the landlord and how these changes may affect their leases.

Who Should Train Mall Security Guards?

"Training, training, training" is Brian’s Cescolini's mantra. Landlords and tenants might think in terms of fire drills, but more often it should be the landlord’s responsibility to make sure their in-house or contract security group has the best training. Training must be verified and the landlord must ensure the training is continuous. How nice it was to hear Brian make these statements with such assertiveness and passion. Read more

Should Malls Prohibit Firearms?

Being an attorney, I just can't ignore the issue of liability. Are landlords more likely to be liable for death or injuries from gun violence if they post a "no guns" sign? What if they failed to post a "no guns" sign? This really poses a no win situation for the landlord. The only thing the landlord can be assured of is that they'll be sued no matter what. Read more