How to Rapidly Accelerate Real Estate Growth, Online

How to Rapidly Accelerate Real Estate Growth, Online

Joy Shoffler, principal of Leverage PR based in Austin, Texas discusses with me the three things that a real estate developer or syndicator can do to rapidly accelerate its growth. Joy is a nationally recognized author and speaker in the field of innovative financial services marketing and communication. According to Joy, those three things are........... Read more

Creativity: An Essential Characteristic of Successful Brokers

Creativity: An Essential Characteristic of Successful Brokers

In the first of a series of discussions regarding the essential characteristics of a successful commercial real estate broker, Geoffrey Kasselman, the Executive Managing Director & National Industrial Practice Leader for Newmark Grubb Knight Frank emphasizes the importance of creativity. Read more

An Example of Great Content Marketing ~ Storytelling

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Wow, what a great job at storytelling. These weren't just videos of someone talking. No, these are videos that told a story with graphics and examples and video cuts of taking great advantage of this visual medium. Masterful video creation and editing from people who know what they wanted to accomplish and know how to do it. These videos are from people who are true professionals with creative minds. I am truly humbled. Read more

The Difference between Advertising on Social Media and Marketing on Social Media

The Difference between Advertising on Social Media and Marketing on Social Media

The use of social media for business is often misunderstood. Too many people, both experienced and not, think of it strictly as an advertising medium; a place where you can hawk your product or service. Social media is, as it's names explicitly states, social, first. For business, it's primary purpose should be to create presence, branding yourself or your product and ultimately to lead to revenue. But, it is a medium of social interaction; an opportunity to meet people and network. As more people become familiar with you and begin to trust you, opportunities for business follows. This is a short video of my take on the difference between advertising on social media and marketing on social media. Read more

How to Sell Your Home, Diary, Part 2 ~ Deciding on the Listing Price


To predict the future market, I looked at and read every commentary and report that I could get my hands on. Year over year home sales volume in our area code for April was down about 25% from last April. On the other hand, prices were up 3.7%. The brokers that I spoke to all said the market was slow. They also said that inventory was down, which could explain the lower volume, yet higher prices. Volume could be a factor of inventory, while price is more of a factor of demand. Ultimately prices are set by the buyers, not the sellers. Read more

Tweeting for CRE: What is More Valuable, Amount of Followers or Their Engagement?

You often hear the word "engagement" when social media is discussed. Engagement is not just you talking or broadcasting your thoughts or message. Engagement is when your communication motivates your followers to actually do something, such as commenting on and retweeting your original message. You communicate in a way that develops emotional connections rather than just logical ones. They retweet because they want to, and know that you "feel" the same way about them. Read more

CRE Work life balance

The Art of Balance

Traditions are changing and many of us struggle to have fulfilling personal lives while pursuing successful careers. This struggle is no more evident than the struggle faced by mothers. Some men don’t think much about it while some of us are so humbled that we cannot imagine how women do it all. *Should* women do it all?

Hear from three very successful women who have dealt with the family/career struggle and learned to live seeking that balance: Barbi Reuter (PICOR), Myriam Beauge (Tactics Magazine), Amy Slattery (Burns & McDonnell)

Arguments for a Tablet (for Commercial Real Estate Brokers)

For a commercial real estate broker, a tablet serves multiple purposes. And all of them allow you to be more efficient, save time, generate more sales and generally become a happier person. No, I truly mean that. Think about it. You're on the road much of your working day. Everything you need is on that small, comfortable-to-carry electronic device that can give you access to millions of easy-to-read documents... Read more