Retailers and Malls Play Social Media Pong

It appears that McDonalds is experimenting with a large, interactive billboard in a very public space where people can, without downloading an app, play pong in front of a crowd to win prizes, such as fries, burgers, shakes, etc. to drive traffic to their restaurant. Read more

It’s a Wonderful Life or Henry Potter Losses Election

I recently auditioned for and was awarded the part of Henry Potter, the mean, villainous banker in It's a Wonderful Life, The Musical. Better yet, my 16 year old daughter, Lauren also received a part as a soprano in the ensemble and my "goon," who pushes me around stage in my wheelchair. Now her part is the most demanding since she has to push a big, heavy grouchy old man around stage on a 30's style, wooden wheelchair. Read more

Tics another seemingly good idea gone south

I immediately began doing some research on the matter and discovered what seemed to be an incredibly smart way to get smaller investors into real estate and serve as an incredibly useful vehicle to develop business for real estate developers and brokers. Read more