Real Estate Data and the Quest to Make it Meaningful ~ An interview with Sabeer Bhatia, co-founder of Hotmail

Real Estate Data and the Quest to Make it Meaningful ~ An interview with Sabeer Bhatia, co-founder of Hotmail

Data, Data, Data. Data is not a new word, but now, it seems to be everywhere. It’s there when I wake up in the morning staring at me as I hit the snooze button on my iPhone. I know the weather in Somalia and the value of the Yen, before I brush my teeth. I’m being crushed by the sheer weight of data. Please, please, please, just give me what I want, when I want it and in a way that makes my life simpler, not more complicated. Sabeer Bhatia, the co-founder of Hotmail, one of the first, truly useful email applications developed in the 90’s, is now focused on making software applications that work, that make your life better and most importantly, more meaningful. Read more

Getting Down and Dirty With Green

Bathrooms are a great place to see how sustainable policies, investments and practices come together and the answers you find on a quick inspection may not be pretty in more ways than one. “Restrooms are often the Achilles’ heel of sustainability,” said Joshua Radoff, co-founder and principal of the sustainability consulting firm YR&G, during a GreenBiz webinar. Read more


Protecting the Commercial Tenant Through Education (“Lease Administration the NRTA Way”)

Among other topics of conversation during this show, we will be discussing, the differences and similarities between the administration of an office or retail lease and some of the special considerations and concerns in mixed use properties, how over 3,000 The Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic and Athleta stores and outlets, insure that their landlords include only the most cost efficient vendors and services in cam charges, including utilities and trash. This will be a fun “trash talking” discussion with Debbie Ravel, Director of Landlord Audit from the Gap, how to make sure that your landlord is adhering to the language of the lease. Our guests will also provide a detailed description of the educational opportunities available at the NRTA Annual Conference to be held at the Desert Springs Marriott in Palm Desert, California from October 7th through 10th, 2012.

Non-Traded REITS – Are They a Good Alternative to Direct Real Estate Investing?


As a real estate broker or investor, you might typically look to buy an office building or shopping center directly from the owner or seller. As a seller, you may direct your broker to market your property to individual or corporate investors. However, are these your only options? Join us as we discuss non-traded REITS with John Bessey, President of Phillips Edison-ARC and Tony Chereso, Principal and Chief Operating Officer of Factright. Read more

More Discussion on Internet Sales Tax and Coming to a Consensus

With the advent of on-line shopping we are nor adding another tax we are simply putting back the tax revenue we would have otherwise had. The internet simply cross circuited the tax we would have paid had we gone to the bricks and mortar store and made a purchase. There is nothing different save for the convenience of shopping from home and having a product delivered. Read more