Real Estate Customer Service

I was then ushered into an examination room by another nice nurse and the Roman nurse came into the examination room with the forms filled out requesting that I sign them, which I did. Read more


Current Developments in Retail Marketing

Has the current economy eliminated the need for marketing directors? Can local marketing of a shopping region, city, center or even a downtown area be handled with deft, precision and maximum effectiveness, strictly from a central, national office?

Negotiating Longer Notices to Pay Rent in Commercial Leases – Part 1

When negotiating for a tenant, I often required language in the lease which required notice to be given to the tenant before the tenant was considered in default, particularly as it pertained to rent obligations. I started doing utilizing this language when I was Director of Real Estate for Alllied Education Corporation and we had... Read more

Washington Post Sees Bad 09 for Commercial Real Estate

It seems, always ahead of the news curve since Watergate broke, the Washington Post is now expecting a bad year for commercial real estate in 09, Tough ’09 Is Seen for Commercial Real Estate Industry Reports Cite Vacancies, Falling Rents .  What I found interesting about the, “not so news revelation,” is: The report indicating... Read more