Do You Need Training or Coaching and What’s the Difference?


Rod Santomassimo, president of The Massimo Group and nationally known real estate coach explains the difference between training and coaching and gives an example of one of his greatest successes as a coach. I published this video in the midst of the 2015 NCAA March Madness. As I listened to him, while editing the video, I couldn’t help but think of “one-and-done” versus “four-year-degree” as an apt analogy. Read more

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It’ll be a Cold Calling Day in Hell!

Is cold calling dead? Has it been replaced by social media? Did it ever work? Do scripts work? Howard and his guests have over 90 years of combined cold calling experience and share tried and true solutions as well as their own, personal, hands on experience trying to market and promote their own businesses.

Featured guests are Rod Santomassimo, President of The Massimo Group and Mike Durnerin, Managing Partner of Techniques Marketing and our producer here at CRE Radio.


The Top Traits of the Top Producing Brokers – A Discussion With Noted Author and Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Coach, Rod Santomassimo

Rod is a dynamic, articulate and knowledgeable speaker and considered by many as, America’s leading commercial real estate brokerage coach. Listen while we have a pleasant, yet informative, “chit chat,” about Rod, his book, what it took to write the book and some of the top traits that he has identified from his nearly 1,000 interviews.