How to Sell Your Home, Diary, Part 2 ~ Deciding on the Listing Price


To predict the future market, I looked at and read every commentary and report that I could get my hands on. Year over year home sales volume in our area code for April was down about 25% from last April. On the other hand, prices were up 3.7%. The brokers that I spoke to all said the market was slow. They also said that inventory was down, which could explain the lower volume, yet higher prices. Volume could be a factor of inventory, while price is more of a factor of demand. Ultimately prices are set by the buyers, not the sellers. Read more


How to Buy and Sell Notes Secured by Commercial Property

Eric Paulson (President, Commercial) and Bob Kline (President, R.W. Kline Companies) join Howard to discuss the current state of the market for the sale and purchase of commercial real estate loans, where the loans can be bought and sold, what to consider when buying and selling these loans, and how to maximize your return.

Arguments for a Tablet (for Commercial Real Estate Brokers)

For a commercial real estate broker, a tablet serves multiple purposes. And all of them allow you to be more efficient, save time, generate more sales and generally become a happier person. No, I truly mean that. Think about it. You're on the road much of your working day. Everything you need is on that small, comfortable-to-carry electronic device that can give you access to millions of easy-to-read documents... Read more

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It’ll be a Cold Calling Day in Hell!

Is cold calling dead? Has it been replaced by social media? Did it ever work? Do scripts work? Howard and his guests have over 90 years of combined cold calling experience and share tried and true solutions as well as their own, personal, hands on experience trying to market and promote their own businesses.

Featured guests are Rod Santomassimo, President of The Massimo Group and Mike Durnerin, Managing Partner of Techniques Marketing and our producer here at CRE Radio.