CrowdFunding to Raise Capital for Real Estate Investments is Still Not a Done Deal

Information Regarding the Use of the Crowdfunding Exemption in the JOBS Act “On April 5, 2012, the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act was signed into law. The Act requires the Commission to adopt rules to implement a new exemption that will allow crowdfunding. Until then, we are reminding issuers that any offers or sales of securities purporting to rely on the crowdfunding exemption would be unlawful under the federal securities laws. Read more

Non-Traded REITS – Are They a Good Alternative to Direct Real Estate Investing?


As a real estate broker or investor, you might typically look to buy an office building or shopping center directly from the owner or seller. As a seller, you may direct your broker to market your property to individual or corporate investors. However, are these your only options? Join us as we discuss non-traded REITS with John Bessey, President of Phillips Edison-ARC and Tony Chereso, Principal and Chief Operating Officer of Factright. Read more


Internet Sales Tax – The Pros and Cons with US Senator Michael Enzi

Proponents of the federal internet sales tax legislation assert that the legislation does not impose any new tax but merely simplifies the process of compliance of state Use Tax codes, level the playing field between brick & mortar retailers and internet retailer and that these bills will allow cash strapped states and cities to generate more revenue from Internet sales. Detractors argue, among other things that passage of these bills would effectively impose a new tax on, already overburdened taxpayers.

More Updates From Around the Nation on Taxing Internet Sales and Brick & Mortar Sales Tax Moratorium

As further reported by ICSC, the new bill drew attention to the New Jersey's sales tax policies and propelled the fairness issue higher in the conscious of the public and legislators. As I have stated previously, I think that it is a mistake to promote internet sales tax on the basis of "fairness." Proponents of an internet sales tax need to convince the public and their legislators that the public will benefit much more from such a tax than a state would from the increased employment resulting from a warehouse within the state. Read more

More Discussion on Internet Sales Tax and Coming to a Consensus

With the advent of on-line shopping we are nor adding another tax we are simply putting back the tax revenue we would have otherwise had. The internet simply cross circuited the tax we would have paid had we gone to the bricks and mortar store and made a purchase. There is nothing different save for the convenience of shopping from home and having a product delivered. Read more

Taxing Internet Sales, Part Deux – Differing Opinions

"No I don't think Internet Sales should be taxed. Enough is enough with the Government Et AL looking for ways to bring in more money while never even considering cutting a single program. This will not help Brick & Mortar retail as there is a paradigm shift going on which both the ICSC, traditional retailers and the commercial real estate community just aren't getting." Read more

How Will Brick & Mortar Retail Survive Online Sales – Part One

13% of all online sales on Christmas day was for the purchase of an iPhone, iPad or iPod. Steve Jobs is likely smiling away in his grave. A few days later I read another article about how much online holiday sales have increased, (I don’t recall the number but it was in the billions). These two facts have been festering in my mind for the last two weeks. What is the current economic realities of brick & mortar retail and how will brick & mortar survive the internet. Read more