Colliers’ Chris Maling Talks Cap Rates

Chris Maling Talks Cap Rates

I interviewed Colliers' Chris Maling at the ICSC 2013 Western Division Conference in San Diego. He describes how cap rates are being compressed allowing California investors, with the aid of technology and good management, invest out of state. Is the compression about supply and demand or general economic conditions? Is real estate value being driven by a shortage in supply? Where are cap rates going? Read more

Investing in Phoenix and Detroit May Seem Counterintuitive; Ed Indvik of Lee & Associates Believes It’s the Right Move

Investing in Phoenix and Detroit May Seem Counterintuitive; Ed Indvik of Lee & Associates Believes It’s the Right Move

It's hard not to like this guy. As he walked away from our interview at RECON, he slung his backpack over his shoulder looking like a 20-year-old. I couldn't get him to take any credit for the success that he's achieved over the last 7 years as President of Lee & Associates, with 47 offices run by the brokers themselves and a dominante role in Southern California. Read more


SoCal CRE Movers and Shakers

We have a wonderful and eclectic line up of featured guests for this show, including icons of Southern California commercial real estate, others who can help you become a mover & shaker and others who just plain know what they are talking about when it comes to Southern California real estate. You know what they say about Southern California… what happens here, the rest of the country follows. Featured guests include Burton Young and Brandy Birtcher.


RealShare LA 2012 In Depth Interviews on the State of Commercial Real Estate

Hear from such dignitaries as Bob Kline of R.W. Kline & Co., Victor Coleman, CEO of Hudson Pacific Properties, Inc., Dennis Vacaro Senior Managing Director of Faris Lee Investments, Ray Lapone, formerly of Grubb & Ellils and Kristina Raspe, Vice President, Real Estate Development and Asset Managment for the University of Southern California. These interviews are much more in depth than just what is going on in the economy. Listen to each of these speakers discuss what they presented with their panel and much of their reasoning behind what they believe is the current status of commercial real estate and investments.


Post Foreclosure Issues for Property Managers and Attorneys

This show will address some of the key issues faced by property managers and attorneys who represent lenders/buyers after the purchase of a commercial property after foreclosure. This wouldn’t be an interesting topic if we discussed it in 2004, when there were minimal commercial property foreclosures, if any. However, in today’s economy, a lot of properties are purchased as a result of a foreclosure, rather than by agreement between the owner and seller. Purchasing commercial property through a foreclosure sale poses some interesting and significant issues and problems as well as opportunities for investors, property managers and attorneys.

Replacing Closed Theaters

The concept is to reduce the amount of seats, signifcantly improve the watching experience with a cafe bar, food services to the seats including meals other than nachos with yellow gooey sauce and you increase the price accordingly. Read more

Borders & Waldenbooks Closing Store in Sacramento

Although I live in Southern California, I just received an email advertisement from Borders announcing the closing of a store in Sacramento.  Now this closing could just be a natural evolution of the termination of a lease, the possible re-opening of another location in Sacramento or another number of other reasons, totally unrelated to the... Read more