CRE Efficiency with Better Technology Integration

CRE Efficiency with Better Technology Integration

Jeff, a former principal of NAI Global recognized, by the time that he left NAI, considerable inefficiencies in commercial real estate, particularly from a technology standpoint. He felt that there was poor adoption, lack of integration and no comprehensive set of solutions. With his partners at Pavonis, he sees an opportunity for change. Read more

Tweeting for CRE: What is More Valuable, Amount of Followers or Their Engagement?

You often hear the word "engagement" when social media is discussed. Engagement is not just you talking or broadcasting your thoughts or message. Engagement is when your communication motivates your followers to actually do something, such as commenting on and retweeting your original message. You communicate in a way that develops emotional connections rather than just logical ones. They retweet because they want to, and know that you "feel" the same way about them. Read more


CRE Tech Update

It’s tough to be competitive in today’s business environment unless you keep up to date with the newest developments in tech and we’re trying to do our small part in keeping CRE professionals on the competitive edge. Let’s separate the “hot and popular” from what can be effective for you. Believe me, you want the “effective.”

Featured guests: Dominic Zabriskie (LeaseMatrix, The CRE App Review) & Steve Wayne (ProspectNow)