CRE ~ ICYMI Commercial Real Estate Stories from the Last Few Weeks @ 11:00 am, PST 3/31/16

Do You Need Training or Coaching and What’s the Difference?

CRE Radio & TV’s “CRE~ICYMI” series is where we discuss the top commercial real estate stories from the past weeks as well as discussion topics submitted by our audience. You can simply watch on our website or you can participate and be seen and heard online by joining "Blab" for free. We encourage you to participate in the conversation which is a great way for you to show everyone your knowledge, intelligence and expertise. Some of this weeks stories may include: "Hotel, The Price is Right" the ever escalating bidding for hotelier, Starwood Hotels by Marriott and Chinese owned Anbang Insurance Group; While we are on the subject of hotels, we might discuss where the hotel industry is heading and how it is dealing with the likes of AirBnb Who is more influential, Gen X or Millenials Recent cases regarding tenant insurance Will CRE Lending up for some belt tightening CRE Debt increase hits 8-year high What is a constructive eviction? Read more

CRE ~ ICYMI CRE Stories from the Last Few Weeks @ 11:00 am, PSt 3/17/16

What are The Four Greatest Benefits to Crowdfunding?

CRE Radio & TV’s “CRE~ICYMI” series is where we discuss the top commercial real estate news stories from the past weeks and stories submitted by our audience. If you've got a great CRE story from the last few weeks, this is your opportunity to bring it to our attention. In addition, I will also be aggregating stories from various sources, including our Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook feeds, stories from Money Magazine, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The News Funnel, and many, many other sources. Our goal is to take the stories provided by others, bring them to life with commentary and provide a deeper understanding. Some of the stories we may discuss on this show are: The Results of The Broker List Survey The Difference between Direct and indirect Real Estate Investing, an article written by Darren Powderly, co-founder or Crowdstreet; SoFi Exploring Launch of REIT as reported by Bloomberg and Crowdfund Insider The Retail Store Closing and Opening Report and what that means to the retail sector, including Staples, JC Penneys, Macy's. Amazon and Sport Authority Read more

CRE~ICYMI (In Case You Missed It), A Replay of the live, video recap of the weeks top CRE Stories – from March 3, 2016 @ 11:00 am, PST

The Difference between Advertising on Social Media and Marketing on Social Media

CRE Radio & TV's CRE~ICYMI series will be a regular show in which we will be discussing the top commercial real estate news stories from the past weeks. The stories will be aggregated from various sources, including our Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook feeds, stories from Money Magazine, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The News Funnel, our audience and many, many other sources. Our plan is to take the, predominantly, written stories and present them to you in a visual and auditory format with commentary. This is a recording of the live, online interactive TV show originally recorded on March 3, 2016. You don't have to just watch and listen, you can bring in your own stories that you want to talk about. Read more

Affordable Housing Update with Albert Berriz and Darryl Carter. Live, Interactive TV on March 11th @ 11:00 am, PST


With the hot rental market, rental prices are continuing to rise, the issue of rental affordability has become a major topic of conversation. With many of the newer apartment developments focusing on luxury and resort style living, are some people being priced out of the rental market? Now, even a moderate income earner is having problems affording rental living. Is there an alternative to the continuous upward spiral of rents and can owners and developers provide affordable housing to the vast majority of the population? What are the benefits to the development of affordable housing and can it be provided with a good standard of living? Read more

5 Killer Apps to Maximize Commercial Real Estate Productivity, (guest post by Andrew Bermudez)

Andrew Bermudez

Andrew Bermudez, our guest author, attributes much of his success to his unsatiated obsession using technology tools to improve his productivity and workflow so he can win more clients and quickly close more deals. As an entrepreneur, Andrew is a super busy with a never-ending list of things to get done. Here are the apps that he uses to kick ass and take names throughout the day and be ultra productive Read more

Critical Issues When Leasing to a Marijuana Business

Matt and Bill

Are you considering opening your own cannabis business and looking to lease space or are you a landlord hoping to take advantage of the premium rents being demanded? Are you a leasing professional who wants to take advantage of these new opportunities or are you just interested in the topic of marijuana? Whatever the reason, this is your opportunity to discover the myriad issues facing landlords and tenants who are involved in the marijuana business. If you are more of a voyeur and just want to watch, click on the image just below and watch at your heart's content. You don't need to download or join anything. However, if you want to ask questions or comment live just click here, to take you to You will need a free Twitter account and need to join Blab, but won't have to download anything. However, not everyone will be able to get on the show.......we only have so much time. Read more

Will Technology Disrupt Commercial Real Estate? (Video Recording of actual, online, live TV show)


This is the full video recording of the live Blab conducted on October 27, 2015. It's an open discussion between Jeremy Neuer, myself and Linda Day Harrison. In which we discuss whether or not technology has or ever will disrupt real estate. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, Allen Buchanan, an inspiration for this show was unable to participate in this discussion. In my opinion, a major loss. However, Linda Day Harrison from The Broker List admirably took over and stood in for Allen. Note that this is the full length version. Read more