Real Estate Capital is both Plentiful and Diverse ~ Interview with Collette English Dixon

Real Estate Capital is both Plentiful and Diverse ~ Interview with Collette English Dixon

While attending the CREW Network, (CREW), Annual Conference in Miami, I spent some time with Collette, English Dixon, former president of CREW. Collette, a principal running the 30 billion dollar real estate investment portfolio for Prudential Real Estate Investments, gives me her perspective on the changing availability and demographics of current, available, real estate capital. As we came out of the recession, it was hard to figure out who the buyers for real estate were. There were the usual suspects at the time, including contrarian, private equity that had cashed out ahead of the downturn. Institutions were close behind. However, now, according to Collette, there is a broad range of available capital, including off-shore capital, some of which you can tell is off-shore and some is managed by US based advisors. Read more


RECON 2012 Prequel

This year we are doing something a little different though. Our Prequel Show, our interviews during RECON and our post RECON RECAP will have a greater focus on substantive issues. To accomplish that, we have chosen a few SIG’s (Special Interest Group) sessions and have interviewed some of the speakers describing what their presentation and session will be about. You will hear it from the speaker’s own mouth.

Taxing Internet Sales, Part Deux – Differing Opinions

"No I don't think Internet Sales should be taxed. Enough is enough with the Government Et AL looking for ways to bring in more money while never even considering cutting a single program. This will not help Brick & Mortar retail as there is a paradigm shift going on which both the ICSC, traditional retailers and the commercial real estate community just aren't getting." Read more

Economic Recovery Fails to Ease Financial Stress on U.S. Households

DS News reports that the Economic Recovery Fails to Ease Financial Stress on U.S. Households. So what is a better indicator of the health of the US Economy, the stock market or the health or US households? Is this a better indicator on how retail operations and performance of retail properties are going to be... Read more

Playing Real Estate Like Blackjack

Sometimes it seems that real estate investors buy and sell real estate like I play Blackjack, at least partly. When the odd appear in your favor, you put more money on the table. Read more

Real Estate Euphemism

In a recent article published in The Australian Business with the Wall Street Journal, Westfield Write-Down Knocks Benchmark Index, stock analyst Scott Marshall is quoted as stating that Westfield had a “measure of protection” because its US and Australian leases were for 5-10 years.I wonder what yard stick he is using. What good does a... Read more