Women in Commercial Real Estate, Equality or Not?


What better time to consider whether society is treating women as equals than shortly after the first woman has been nominated for president by a major political party. No matter your political affiliation or leanings, it's exciting to see how far women have come in our society. But are they treated equally and given the same opportunities as their male counterparts? Every five (5) years, CREW Networks conducts a survey, in collaboration with MIT, measuring the progress of women in commercial real estate. This survey looks at the changes from the perspective of "specialization, compensation and career achievement" and tracks changes over the last 10 years. While the survey answers many questions and the information provided can help guide all those in commercial real estate, it raises many questions that we will endeavor to answer in this show. Read more

CREW Network 2015 Annual Convention Preview (video) with Gail Ayers

Gail Ayers

This is the best commercial real estate conference I have ever attended. In this video, Gail and I preview some of the key events and benefits at this years CREW Network Annual Convention in Bellevue, Washington. This is a shortened video version of my interview with Gail. For the full audio podcast, which you can listen to online or download, go to creradio.com. In this video, Gail previews Keynote speaker, former Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright and featured speakers, Morgan Stanley Vice Chairman, Carla Harris, Former NBC Chief Economist, Marci Rossell; and Business strategist, Rita McGrath Read more

Gail Ayers

CREW Network Annual Convention Preview with Gail Ayers and Should Men Attend (Quick Answer: Absolutely Yes!)

In preparation of this year’s CREW Network Annual Convention in Bellvue, Washington from September 30th through October 2nd, I interview Gail Ayers, CEO of CREW Network (Commercial Real Estate Women). In case you haven’t noticed yet, I am a huge proponent of diversity in commercial real estate and a supporter of CREW Network.

In this radio show, Gail talks about:

Her many successes as CREW Network CEO over the past 11 years;
The many programs and advantages afforded to CREW members; and
What you can expect if you attend the convention;
Gail and I also discuss whether or not this is a women only thing or whether or not men should consider attending also.

As an attendee last year, I can tell you, from my own experience, guys should absolutely attend. The predominantly female attendees are warm, inviting and “inclusionary”. The mere fact that this seems to be a well kept secret among male commercial real estate professionals is reason alone to attend. The guys haven’t gotten it yet.

Social Media is about Relationships ~ Interview with Barbi Reuter

Social Media is about Relationships ~ Interview with Barbi Reuter

After a few years interacting with Barbi over social media, we really got to know and like each other. Barbi is now considered one of the preeminent CRE thought leaders using social media. For Barbi and I, perhaps the most significant function of the effective use of social media is the development of relationships. As you can tell from this video, we act like we have known each other for years although we had never met in person. In fact, have known each other for years, online. Read more

CRE Work life balance

The Art of Balance

Traditions are changing and many of us struggle to have fulfilling personal lives while pursuing successful careers. This struggle is no more evident than the struggle faced by mothers. Some men don’t think much about it while some of us are so humbled that we cannot imagine how women do it all. *Should* women do it all?

Hear from three very successful women who have dealt with the family/career struggle and learned to live seeking that balance: Barbi Reuter (PICOR), Myriam Beauge (Tactics Magazine), Amy Slattery (Burns & McDonnell)


Can Women Break the Glass Ceiling on Commercial Real Estate?

This show will be a “forum” discussion in which we will go into depth, the status and impact of women, or the lack thereof in leadership roles in commercial real estate. Listen as we discuss shifting societal attitudes and perspectives and how it may effect your real estate business and how you might benefit from the unique paradigm that woman may bring to the table, or do women really look at things from a different perspecitve? What is unique about my guests for this show is not that they are all woman. The uniqueness lies in their own personal traits, backgrounds and experience, each adding another layer of complexity to the discussion. The guests cover all age groups relavant to the discussion, covering a wide range of various disciplines that comprise the broad category of commercial real estate.