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Accountability: Essential Characteristics of Successful Brokers ~ Part 3

This is the third in the series of Essential Characteristics of Successful Brokers arising from my interview with Geoffrey Kasselman,Executive Managing Director, Industrial Practice at Newmark, Grubb Knight Frank.

In the first two videos, Geoff identified Creativity and Tenacity as essential characteristics of successful brokers. Click on the links to see the previous videos.

In this video, Geoff questions whether or not you can be successful if you’re not accountable and don’t take responsibility for your own actions and conduct. Are you the type of person that blames others for failures, including those of your own or are you the type of person that looks internally to see what you can do to improve your results?

I know, for my part, I am always looking at ways that I can improve. Even if something bad happens to me because of the action or inaction of someone else, I am always trying to figure out what I could have done that would have taken the other person’s actions our of the equation. Is there something I could have done to improve my chances of success or prevent the other person from hindering my chances for success.

What if you acted in a different way so that the other person’s actions never entered into the equation? I am a firm believer that I can only control my own actions, not those of others. But………..I can influence the actions of others. Again, the common denominator is “me”.

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