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Brick and Mortar Retail is about the Customer Experience, an interview with Al Weiss

Who else is qualified to talk about high quality customer experience than one of the top Disney executives. Al Weiss, former president of worldwide operations for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. Al has a new gig….. Marilyn Monroe Spas, a high end luxury spa which is looking to expand to retail sites.

Al spends some time with me discussing the customer experience and how important it is to brick and mortar retail and how his new venture is capitalizing on his Disney experience, delivering a “themed “environment”.

Al also discusses how his background at Disney, the “Disneyesque” experience translates to the spa business with high quality guest experience, creativity and ingenuity. Marilyn Monroe Spas intends to tell a story within each location. Sounds exciting.

Something to Add?

  • Thomas Bolen

    This is very interesting! Disney prides itself on customer service, and having a great ” experience”. With the years of experience Al has, I am sure this investment will pay off. Although prior to 2009 the Health and Wellness industry experienced a decline. Over the last few years this industry has shown growth. Globally, annual revenues are up 20% – since 2012! This has potential. I am a great friend of John Crossman, let me know how I can help.

  • creradio

    Tom, thanks for your comment. The one difficulty that I see with this product is the strong growth of discounted spas cropping up all over retail and in every shopping center. I am concerned that the industry is cannibalizing itself. In our area, there are national spa franchises or mom & pop, higher end spas in nearly every shopping center. In order to be successful at retail, Marilyn Monroe spas must really, and I mean REALLY, distinguish itself with a “unique” experience and I am not sure how they are going to do that. With that being said, Al is about as equipped as anyone to pull it off.

  • Beijia Li

    It’s really a good idea! The whole plan sounds very interesting, people like me will be attracted if the business is there.

  • Noa Marks

    What a great idea to have such an iconic figure of class like Marilyn Monroe represent high quality. The word “Disneyesque” is exactly right when connected to high attention to details! Excited to learn more about this .

  • Satisfied Customer

    The atmosphere is definitely laid back and relaxing. Everything is top notch and done to the nine’s at Marilyn Monroe Spas. Taking home the polish is a plus as well! Every girl deserves to be pampered in a place like MMS.

    • creradio

      I love the “taking home the polish”. Does this mean that I get to have my toe nails painted pink? Don’t get me started. I’ve got a story about someone who called me to get him out of jail in Riker’s Island and he was in a holding cell with pink nail polish on this toe nails. I was on a cruise……………..

  • Big Fan

    Great experience and love the way the place looks!

  • Wanda

    I have had the pleasure of spending an afternoon at the new Marilyn Monroe Spa at Mills Park. ENJOYED every minute of it.
    Make sure to check it out.

  • Jennifer Jackson

    I think that Marilyn Monroe Spas may help to usher in a shift in retail that focuses on brand and experience rather than purely receiving a service. I think you can see this trend emerging in other types of services, like ‘dry bars’ that are popping up to serve the same demographic as Marilyn Monroe Spas: http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052970204831304576595322366093848

  • Rebecca

    I had a wonderful experience at Marilyn Monroe Spas. The environment was beautiful and the customer service was great. Highly recommended! @marilynmonroespas

  • creradio

    Would any of you be interested in participating in a video chat with Al where we can talk more about this? You can be on camera and ask questions also or just ask written questions.

  • Claire Baldocchi

    What a great idea for a spa! Sounds like it will take off very fast.

  • John C.

    Great company! @Marilynmonroespas is going to be a top retailer to watch the next five years.

  • Paula

    It is a great concept! Love the d├ęcor and atmosphere at Marilyn Monroe Spas. They have such a fun selection of gel polish colors & they last a long time too!