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Brokers Need to Learn to Use Video….and There is an App for That

Kyle Shannon, founder of Storyvine created the company because he thought that creating a video was to difficult for the average amateur to make. He saw a need and he solved the need.

Storyvine creates video templates for use by any amateur, including real estate brokers that adds a professional flare to your videos. All you have to do is shoot the video and upload it to the internet. In 5 minutes the software stitches a professional looking video together. This is no ordinary video. You don’t need to understand lighting or even the rule of thirds. It does it all for you.

So with the promotional stuff out of the way, watch the video as he and I discuss my reaction to the video demonstration. This is one entertaining guy.

At the end of this video is a direct link that will take you to a video that I created using the Storyvine app. This is very cool stuff and great for brokers.

DISCLOSURE:  Storyvine is a Pavonis Company.  This video was a paid for by the Pavonis Group.

But really, I genuinely like this app as indicated in the video.

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