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Can Google Glasses by Useful and Go Beyond Just Cool?

While attending Realcomm 2014 I spent some time with David Lorenzini who is a Google Glass aficionado and developer. David is a big time supporter of Google Glass.

David has had a career of pioneering work in geospatial, internet and augmented reality industries. His work has resulted in new ways to view and interact with the world and each other, including Keyhole.com (acquired, Google) online today as “Google Earth” with over a billion users worldwide.

In this video, David describes how Google Glasses can be used with intelligent buildings. He believes that Google Glass is but a taste of what things will be in the near future.

Watch and listen as David describes his travel experiences and use of Google Glass to help him read signs and communicate better in countries speaking and writing language foreign to him.

Something to Add?

  • Mark Kingston

    Great Interview. Dave gives a fantastic view of the future of this technology. It is fun to get these glimpse into the mind of such a genius.
    Mark Kingston

  • hfklaw

    Mark. My hope is that if I interview enough geniuses, maybe a little will rub off on me.

  • Howard its clear the genius is rubbing off. Really interesting to see the possibilities Google provides.

  • hfklaw

    Ha, that deserves a full on, “laughing out loud”. Don’t put me in the same category of David. But I appreciate the thought, Mark.